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Thread: Public places where its ok to be openly padded

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    Default Public places where its ok to be openly padded

    This is kind of a personal fantasy of mine, but ive always wanted to do an exhibition thing and blatantly wear a diaper in public. I dont want to walk around flashing myself or anything as obnoxious or sinister as that, but something like a burning man scenario where so much other weird stuff happening around drowns out my own freak flag. But at this rate the only kind of place i can think of is burning man or maybe a really big pride parade. Any other ideas or thoughts on places where you can be obviously padded and not worry about people being all like " whoa, whats that"?

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    The only think I can think of would be an ABDL convention or some sort of ABDL camp. That way, you can practice exhibitionism and you wouldn't stand out, since everyone there is just like you. Also, you could make some friends, which is always a bonus

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    Do like I do, go sit out on your front porch after dark. You can be fully exposed without anyone actually being able to see you.

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    Places I've seen it include:
    - Folsom Street Fair
    - International Mr. Leather vendor floor AND puppy play event
    - Various kink/fetish conventions

    Some beaches may be appropriate, but that's highly variable from place to place.

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    I think Liberty University right here in Lynchburg where I live. Okay....just kidding. Really, there aren't many public places like that accept for events aimed at kinks.

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    Might have some luck at a nude beach. I know provincetown in cape cod is pretty open.

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    The only possible place I can think of from experience was a leather/kink bar I went to that had an ABDL Night. Aside from that, I think you'd have to go to an event like the Folsom Street Fair.

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    There's not really anything public where this is acceptable, with the problem primarily being that going out in any sort of underwear isn't acceptable at the majority of public places. And we're probably best off that way, really. Also remember that you need to wear clothes to travel to wherever you're going. So, sure maybe a kink bar or restaurant that has a changing room wouldn't care if you took your pants off there. Sorry there isn't anything better for your fantasy. Sometimes things do just have to stay as ideas and stories that we make up for ourselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PokemonNirvana View Post
    Halloween or New Year's Eve Party?
    these are two rare times when it might be ok!

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