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Thread: Has anybody's spouse/partner got into diapers after trying them?

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    Default Has anybody's spouse/partner got into diapers after trying them?

    I was just wondering if anybody here has had a wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend actually become ABDL after they decided to try them out for you? I think that would be the best case scenario for any ABDL out there who decided to tell their significant other about their ABDL side.

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    I was upfront with my wife about liking diapers after about our second date. She confided in me that she like feeling little, as in using baby bottles, pacifiers, etc., but that she had never thought about trying a diaper. After about a week she tried it for the first time. Now I'm not going to say that she is a full blown ab/dl but she does enjoy wearing a pull up out in public or a diaper to bed. This is the first relationship I've had that my partner has been so involved and I believe a lot has to do with the two of us really putting it all out there from the very beginning.

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    I am actually an example of this.

    My fiance introduced me to diapers. At first I didn't like the idea of it at all. Then I decided I'd give it a shot, just wearing, not using. Then, I decided while he wasn't home one day that I was going to try wetting. I did and I liked it. I started exploring more little things after that (pacifiers, bottles, and the like), liked all that stuff. Did some research, discovered the wonderful world of being a little, and here I am.

    That all being said, I'm pretty open about things. I was raised with parents that weren't particularly honest and that did dangerous stuff, so, as I got older, I decided that as long as it wasn't causing anyone pain, then I wasn't going to judge them or be upset about it.

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    I had told my wife that I liked to wear diapers 2 days before are wedding as to not have any secrets and when I told her that she asked me to not take it off that night and ever since then she's kept me in diapers off an on and wears them with me and after that she enjoys it as much as I do.

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    I wish I was that lucky. My wife still hates the idea of me wearing and doesn't want me doing it around her at all.

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    My girlfriend was kind of weirded out by diapers at first but she was a trooper and was accepting of it if it made me happy. That's all she wanted, was for me to be happy.

    These days, she wears diapers more often then I do and walks around the house with a pacifier clipped to her shirt almost every day.

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    My ex girlfriend sort of got me into them. We were together when I wasn't ABDL, and she would wear around me. Now that we've broken up, I'm now an ABDL, and because I don't work with her anymore, I don't ever see her anymore. -__-

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    My hubby has worn diapers with me in the past when I've felt apprehensive about wearing in public. Usually I have to ask him if he is willing to wear but the last time he made the suggestion before I could ask.

    He never uses them, but I secretly keep hoping the whole DL idea will grow on him.

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    That's awesome. I'm glad you found acceptance as well as a partner that will actively participate. I've had quite the opposite reactions. How did you bring it up? And the second date seems kind of early.. but maybe not? I'm recently single. I opened up to my ex around month two or three, but after lots of conversation it ended after a year and a half. The idea of going through all of that again with someone new is frightening! gah!

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    I introduce my wife to diapers within the first year of us being married within the procedure we were married. I had coming out to my wife about me liking diapers and being a bed wetter growing up and she confided in me that she liked to wear pads and what the other teenager and that she still owns a pair of plastic white panties that she was really heavy. So one night while she was sound asleep I proceeded to diaper her while she slept, the next morning when she woke up she was a bit shocked that I had diapered but to please me she kept it on for a little while and eventually had an accident. Fast forward 20 years my wife wears pull-ups now during the daytime especially when September the month and she is diapered almost every night when we go to bed and I often find her wet by morning. She is also picked up some baby habits over the years mainly with the obsession to suck on something in her sleep most of time I find that her thumb in her mouth or if she can find it her binky if not I slip her binky into her mouth but she will sleep with it all night.

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