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    Hey guys!
    I am an more of an AB and a part DL. I have been struggling with being shunned for this side of me in a hospital setting for the past 4 years and still struggling with it today.

    I am just looking for some support and this is the first time I have opened up about this outside of a treatment setting. Still working on progressing into the community and am hoping to finally be out by early next year. I had a break down and a car accident that resulted in me in being part of a system and it is interesting to say the least.

    I am an exercise freak and am training right now to do a mini triathlon. I am finally getting back into it and excited!

    I am also going to start school this summer (first year) and am ready to start my life again! Yay!

    Just letting you know this took me about 45 minutes to finally get ready to send. (really nervous) goes nothing.

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    I'm glad you found the courage to post! Most of us are just normal people I guess with a diaper related side. So no need to be nervous!

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    I was nervous to post my introduction thread too :P welcome

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