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Thread: What Do you call your pacifier

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    Default What Do you call your pacifier

    I call Mine schnulli (German)

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    I call mine a paci or just a pacifier even though in the UK we call them dummies or soothers, btw I didn't know you were German because it says you're from the UK. Ich bin englisch aber ich spreche deutsch, wie gehts?

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    Same Another deutsche

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wie geil

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    I'm swedish and here we say "napp".

    But hey, isn't Schnulli this guy? I have him as a plushie, he is gorgeous!!!

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    Just "pacifier". Sometimes I'll say "paci" in chats just to help me send messages faster. I guess the novelty of it is just a little bonus.

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    Hey i am actually Part swedish bra (not the Garment lol) "bra is actually swedish for good Believe it Or not!)

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    I call mine Pacis, but when I'm really enjoying myself and having fun, I'll sometimes let "Binky" slip if I'm feeling silly!

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    My swedish isnt good als m only my grandparents use it but not Around me Often enough so i Can only just make a Few simple sentences

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    I called mine pacifiers. When writing posts in response to a query, I will generally use the same word that the original poster use.

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