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Thread: Should an AB be protected under Title IX?

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    Default Should an AB be protected under Title IX?

    The past few days, I've been getting shamed for buying diapers even though I'm incontinent and I need them. A few jerk girls from the university apparently "know my secret" and have told me repeatedly that I should quit the business program even though I'm almost ready to graduate and I'm one of the top female performers(I was accepted into the most prestigious honor society in the entire business world). My question is: should people who identify as an AB be protected under Title IX? For those who don't know what that is, it's a law prohibiting discrimination in higher education. In my opinion, it should. It's just a lifestyle just like sexual orientation, and I actually use diapers because I am incontinent, injured and sick. Mind you, I'm not an exhibitionalist by any means and I am very careful not to leak. What probably happened is they know someone at checkout or saw my diaper poking out the back of my jeans when I bent over and I just wasn't careful. Going further, the harassment is getting to be annoying and a bit depressing now, tempted to let it go because I'm graduating, but...would you like to see a law prohibiting discrimination against adult babies or littles? I think we all would.

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    Enough is for IC I think. Discrimation for IC is fully usefull concept for bullying and you'd report it.

    Or those assholes found out your another baby stuff (if you've any) ?

    Or did you told anyone ? - IMHO the worst thing you can do...

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    If anything, in your case it should be protected because of it being a disability of sorts. After that, yes I also figure that it is just as likely for somebody to discriminate against an Adult baby, which should be just as protected, granted that not many people know what an Adult baby is.

    I would go and report it, it is harassment, and schools usually have rules against that. These other girls should have grown out of this by now, and whatever consequence that comes to them, they deserve. I'd go to student services and ask them who a good person is to report harassment to.

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    I haven't told anyone except my girlfriend who lives three states over. I'm terrified of my reputation so I would never have told anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElizabethGold View Post
    I haven't told anyone except my girlfriend who lives three states over. I'm terrified of my reputation so I would never have told anyone.
    If you just report the incontinent portion of the story, then people are going to understand just fine. Most people don't look at incontinent people and think, "freak alert," they just say, "oh, well bummer they have to wear diapers." Those other girls are just a reflection of immaturity perpetuating past high school. A school Councillor is most likely going to keep your story private, the biggest risk you take is that those girls will be upset at whatever happens to them and they start talking more, but if they do that they are just more guilty and likely to be removed from the school, and at that point, nobody is going to listen to them if they aren't around.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Worried or not, you risk very little by just talking to a Councillor about it. Actions only will start as soon as you start giving names. A school Councillor wont say anything to anybody else about you being incontinent, so there really is very little harm in at least asking them what they think you should do.

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    Actually, we are supposed to be protected under Title IX. More so the harassment and threats those girls have made are enough to have them removed from the program if not the university. Trust me, disabilities of any kind are protected. The fact alone that you are starting to experience feelings of depression from their harassment is valid enough.

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    Congratulations on being accepted to the honors society! I think a lot of this bullying comes from jealousy. It sounds like you are destroying these girls academically, and they might want to get rid of the competition. First, keep it up academically. The best revenge, is success Set the curve so high that THEY drop out!

    I am torn between reporting them to "student affairs" or just standing up to them. Making fun of someone's disability is not professional, and it sounds like they do not deserve to be in a business program. On the other hand, for me, it would be really satisfying to give them a piece of my mind. With that, don't be afraid to remind them that if knowledge of your disability spreads around campus, you and the dean will know exactly who spread it. Thinking about it more, if you choose to stand up to them, I would still notify a counselor in case there is any backlash down the road. Is it all just verbal bullying? or was any of it via text/email/snapchat etc?

    Whatever you do, I would not bring up that you are AB. As mentioned before on this site, it is something private and personal really only to be shared by significant others. They would definitely extend title 9 to IC but your school may not be ready to test if it covers AB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElizabethGold View Post
    . . . it's [Title IX] a law prohibiting discrimination in higher education. In my opinion, it should. It's [AB/DL] just a lifestyle just like sexual orientation. . . .
    Sexual orientation is not a lifestyle choice any more than being incontinent is a lifestyle choice. Title IX is also irrelevant in this case, what you're looking for are protections under ADA and your school's anti-discrimination policies. Nothing here actually implicates Title IX protections because you're not claiming discrimination by the institution.

    No, I don't think Title IX should be interpreted to provide protections for AB/DL - that's not consistent with its intent. The relevant protections are, instead, under harassment and privacy law.

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    Adult Baby as protected legal status, I would be inclined to say no. I would also say that the AB/DL lifestyle draws far more parallels with, say, the BDSM lifestyle than with sexual orientation. I wouldn't conflate the two, but that's a separate discussion.

    However, legal protection for a disability (which incontinence is)--yes, absolutely, it should be legally protected and I believe it is. Enforcement can be an issue, unfortunately. Can you identify a counselor or similar as part of your college's campus resources--someone who would be willing to act as a mediator in a meeting with the girls who are harassing you? They are in the wrong here and deserve to be set straight--or at least have to answer for their actions in a direct, mediated conversation with the person they are harassing. Beyond that, I'm not sure much can be done other than to hold your head high and wait for graduation.

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    hear in the UK we do have laws against this called the disability discrimination act. also you college will have a policy on bullying.
    all that is needed is for you to say something, and it should be dealt with.

    And congratulations on being accepted to the honors.

    don't let people get away with it, it is wrong!

    thank you for shairing


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