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    I,m not sure if i should get toddler diapers eg Pampers sitze 6-7. i have a 30" waist and i am quite Curvey but i am Around average Weight for my size 5foot 3 and 8 and a half stone. Should i Consumer just getting them. Who is my sitze and has tried the Pampers 6-7.

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    30" is, I think, slightly too large, but it's not so far off as to be impossible. I haven't tried them myself, but I'm sure some people will have suggestions. Also, you can use them as liners or doublers even if you can't wear the whole diaper.

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    I'd say that you "might" fit into pampers cruisers size 6 or 7 since they have very strechy sides but it would be a tight fit. If they don't fit you could always use them as a liner like archieroni said.

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    I'm 5ft and weigh around 8 stone, I'm curvy too and I fit into pampers size 6+, you'll fit 😊 my other favourites are drynites 4-7, they have cute patterns, have a look on the diaper forum and I have a thread called pull up hack, take a look it may help 😊

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