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Thread: Being stealthy around my flat.

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    Default Being stealthy around my flat.

    Hey guys, it's been a while.

    So I've been thinking about buying some diapers online, and I have a few questions as to keeping them hidden from my flatmates.

    I feel like I should first point out that my flatmates and I are living in student halls (ie we aren't living together by choice) and we generally keep to ourselves. There's 6 of us in total. My room door has a lock on it and I'd only be using diapers inside that. (e.g. Sleep in Diapers Friday! )

    Anyway, my questions are;
    1. How can I get them delivered discreetly when it's likely that one of my flatmates will receive the delivery?
    2. If I urinate in a diaper will it be sufficient to put it in a plastic bag, wrap it up and dispose of it the following day (in communal trash, not in the flat bins)? Or will it stink the flat out?

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Jeez, I signed up to this site 6 years ago. How time flies. :p

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    You should get a box at a UPS store. They will hold the package for you until you can pick it up.
    Order a sample or small bag
    Or purchase at a CVS/Target store.
    Lock your door.
    Pee is not very stinky, so you don't even really need to ziplock. Just wrap and tape closed.
    Dark colored bag or paper bag is helpful for discretion.
    You could ziplock in gallon bags pee or definitely for poo diapers.
    Poo diapers are very stinky and will blow out a room/flat. Don't do this when room mates are around.
    Ziplock and immediate trash bin are necessary. Wipes for butt or immediate shower is necessary.
    Fan blow out room or light a match for best smell control.
    Remember: shit happens if you do it in the bathroom, you can blame it on your deuce.

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    (Just to point out - I'm from the UK so there aren't any UPS stores or CVS/Target. The only buying option in reality is online, most likely shipping from the US)

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