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Thread: Advice about long distance relationships with a little.

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    Default Advice about long distance relationships with a little.

    I am currently a member of abdlmatch and have really hit it off with a girl on there. We have been talking for a while now and things have been going well. I have never been in a long distance relationship before and this was my first time trying online dating. We both love wearing diapers and she is a little and I am a switch. I don't have a chance to take time off from work to go and see her and she lives in Jersey a d I am in Kentucky. If anyone has any kind of advice or ideas of things we can do together to beat the distance please let me know. Also I should mention that I don't live alone.

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    I really advise not trying to go beyond a friendship at this moment in time while you are still that far away. That is if you were banking on that. Other wise, just get to really know each other.

    How long have you both been talking? Knowing that might get you a better more well thought out responses. I have known someone on the Internet for over 10 years, and it still feels like I would be meeting a stranger in the flesh.

    As for what to do to bridge that gap. Find games that you both like. Table top Simulator is a very social game, and you can play as many kinds of IRL board/cardgames as far as the eye can see. It has multiplayer so go nuts!

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    Advice for a LDR between a CG and a little is generally the same as advice for any LDR:

    • Try and find active interests you can both share through the internet - playing games, watching a TV show/film, drawing together... it's a lot more fun spending time together when you're both enjoying yourselves. Me and my Sis play and Steam games together, and we're currently watching through Criminal Minds through Rabbit/Netflix.

    • Set aside time to talk to each other. If you can say 'I will be here at X time each day to talk to you', even if it is just reading her a bedtime story or saying goodnight, that will help a lot. Having a definite time to speak to my Sis makes me feel a lot more secure and like the relationship is solid - without that, it sometimes feels like she can just pop in or out of my life whenever she feels like it.

    • Make plans to meet! It sounds like you guys are in the early days of your relationship, so this isn't super relevant yet, but what kills a lot of relationships is not meeting for a long time. Having something to count down to is really exciting, too! Knowing you've got 6 months until you see the other person again... it feels really good.

    • Send each other gifts for special occasions. It's nicest if you can put together a present yourself and mail it off, but I personally usually just order stuff online. It's another way to feel like a more real, solid part of each other's lives, and it just feels so exciting to have something from your partner who's halfway around the world.

    • Try and show you care in little ways! The internet is great for this, make use of those social networks. You can send videos via Facebook with 'saw this and thought of you xx' messages, tag people in posts on tumblr, make little tweets about your partner... Or just send them cute e-cards or pictures one of you drew to make them smile!

    For ABDL stuff specifically, there are some long distance apps that can help. I use the 'Choremonster' app which can be set up like a virtual sticker chart, if you enjoy that kind of thing. There are even apps that allow you to choose a little's outfit for them each day, although I haven't used one myself.

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    Having heard so many bad things about ABDL Match and their fake members--I know this isn't the sort of reply you're looking for, by the way!--I would tell her that you're preparing to close your ABDL Match account and would like an email address or some other way to keep in touch with her. If your friendship survives that, then hopefully she's real. As long as things stay on ABDL Match, though, you'll just never know.

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    Thanks for the helpful advice. I know there are some fake profiles on there and have found some but I know she is real. I have talked to her off of that site and I do like her. We have talked about possibly meeting up but haven't had a chance to yet. I don't use social network (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) it's not my thing. However I am on tumblr but I don't know if she is on there or not, we haven't mentioned that before. We try to talk as often as possible but I work full time and she is in school and working so it gets difficult, especially since I stay up all night and she goes to bed shortly after I get off of work. This is the first time we have both tried a long distance relationship and online dating.

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