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Thread: TSA Pat-Downs

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    Default TSA Pat-Downs

    I fly a fair amount for my job, and I've never been pulled aside for a pat-down. If there was ever an issue, I would just submit to the full-body scanner thingy and move on with my day. If anyone noticed I was wearing anything unusual--usually a Seni-Man Fit pad--they never said anything.

    But I've become genuinely concerned with what those scanners might be doing to my body, particularly to a frequent traveler like me. So I've stopped going in them. The alternative, of course, is a pat-down. I'm not someone who gets off on having a pad or diaper noticed, but it was interesting.

    On my way to Reagan Airport, the metal detector went off, and they asked me to remove my shoes (TSA Pre-Check doesn't require that at first), which I did. The metal detector went off again, so they asked me to step into the scanner. I said I'd prefer the pat-down.

    An older man stepped over to me and asked if I had any medical issues he should know about. Any tender spots or medical devices? I said no, but told him that I was wearing a pad. "A pad?" he said, though he seemed to know what I meant.

    Now, I've been patted down before, but I've never had someone pat my junk this much, and I guess he was just confirming what I meant by "pad." Nothing more was said, and I went on my way.

    The same thing happened on the trip back, but this time I chose to not say anything and see if they found it on their own. That would be a no. Nothing. Which leads me to believe that even the pat-downs are less than effective. I mean, the pads I wear are NOT small.

    So anyhoo, that was my experience. Anyone else had a different experience with the TSA?


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    Although I don't wear on trips, I once was patted down for having one xbox one, one laptop, one portable speaker, two DS', one itouch, and one iphone on me. What can I say, I'm a gamer. Course the funny part was I was dressed like Hawkeye Pierce with his Hawaiian shirt that day. The guy patting me down if I was trying to look like him and I responded "Oh please honey, not on the first date" in my Hawkeye Pierce impression. Half of the agents got a laugh out of it.

    Another time I got dunkin donuts before going through and they said they had to confiscate them for testing. I replied, not to be rude, but I've think you've tested enough Schultz. This guy even looked like Schultz from Hogan's Heroes, but with some more hair.

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    I travel weekly for work. I started out just liking the diapers, but not really needing them. As time as progressed I have become more and more needing of them due to spasms and reduced capacity. Dr's have diagnosed me with OAB.

    I have TSA-Pre to try to bypass most of the crap.

    When it comes to TSA, they vary dramatically from location to location. I traveled through TPA 3 times in the last 2 months. All three times, the metal detector chose me (randomly I was told) that I was up for additional screening. That meant a trip through the machine. All three times they found something around my waist. When they started with the discussion about the pat down, I just told them I needed a private screening. All three times they had to stop, get an additional guard (There should always be at least two), and we make the trek to the room. Once there they will ask you if you have anything to declare or if you have any medical needs. I tell them I have a diaper on. They sometimes just pat you down aggressively touching the whole area. Sometimes they require seeing it, which means dropping your pants, unbuttoning the onsie, dropping my plastic/PUL pants. I have had two times (in TX) where they had a cop come in and they wanted me to either remove the diaper and apply a new one, or they just wanted to see inside of it (only the cop). I assume due to the drugs coming across the border. All times they were rather professional, though I could tell the cop really wants to be anywhere else. In Kansas they seem to have the most belligerent and rude TSA agents. Chicago can also be a real PITA depending on the crowds.

    While that has happened, I usually pass right through without any issue. I have had a time or two where I either got really pissy TSA agents, or just flat rude where they take my diapers and such out of bag for everyone to see or make public comments.

    Most of the airports in the North and West are so busy they just shuttle you through as fast as possible. The South and Mid-America (spend a lot of time in STL/KC) has given me the most problems, but again every day/place is different.

    All in all I think over the last 8-10 years I have matured in my responses and probably other aspects of my life too. These days I like to wear printed or colored diapers and covers. I wear control panties to help reduce bulge and help hold them up along with a onesie. I am a male and do not give a crap what others think about it anymore. It is what make me comfortable and helps me get through the day.

    Being that most people on this board do it by choice I leave it to you to determine if you should or not wear through security checkpoints. For those without a choice, just keep your head up and remember you will probably never see these people again. Most of them are more embarrassed that you will be, I promise. For those assholes in the TSA that make it public or shame others, they are everywhere and there is not much you can do about it.

    I like what I wear, I like to wear things others might think are embarrassing or shameful. I just don't care anymore, as I am happier than ever. I hope you too can find that place in your life to enjoy!

    Stay padded!

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    I have been subject to a "Pat Down" while wearing, with no comment from either myself or the TSA agent. I can't imagine that he didn't notice I was wearing, but, he didn't ask, and I generally only answer questions. It's none of TSA's business where I fly or what I wear, so I just put up with it.

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    I've fortunately never had an issue either with the WTMD now that I'm prechek or with the nudovision prior.

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    Just get a TSA cabbage card, stick 'adult diaper wearer' onto it and hand it over when getting screened.

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    i flew down to LA this summer i never have any trouble with TSA first off i travel with a diaper bag and if they ask me to step aside for an extra check im up front about my diapers only once 6 or 7 years ago did they take me to another room so i could show them it. first off they are looking for people that what they call tells (nervousness etc.) if you are going to wear them own it. it's not a big deal

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    I've gotten a pat down a couple times and they never really grab my crotch...kinda avoid it. I think the question was did I have any colostomy bags or medical devices or anything like that, I said no because I didn't feel like the question came close enough to the word diaper. I wear thin things like Depends Real Fit or the new Molicare Premium Soft Super. The problem with air travel is that it's easy to get caught in a situation where I can't break away and go RIGHT NOW as my bladder likes to say, so it's too much of a risk to fly without protection. But so far they haven't felt anything. The last time I flew, I actually did have regular underwear and was getting close to bladder emergency and my full bladder was setting off the scanner and I think if I had been wearing, the aggressive sticking of the hands into my waistband might have detected it. As it is, I frequently set off metal detectors which must be from an old injury that had to be screwed back together.

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    I have gotten the pat down while wearing. They didn't say a thing, and there is no way they didn't see. My guess is with how many times they must do this at their job, they probably are used to it. Considering some people who are not AB/DL will wear diapers on trips from what I hear.

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    I have had my bag with diapers searched a couple times with no problems. My biggest worry was always that people I actually knew would see what was in the bag. Didn't care at all about the opinion of the TSA guy.

    Only on one occasion have I had the "enhanced" experience. It was professional albeit thorough. I just told them I was wearing because I "need them". Which is true psychologically speaking. Embarrassing but not as bad as it would be had I known the person before

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