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Thread: My Middle's birthday

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    Default My Middle's birthday

    Hi everyone.

    Not shore where to post this but I going to put it hear.

    My Paddy is going to be 26 in few days time. And I got some questions.

    1) on my last birthday I decided to celebrate being 5. Paddy is a Middle, how do I find out if he would like to celebrate a middle age.

    2) Have gotten a new mobile phone, a drone helicopter, and a new microphone and stand for his music. What other presents would a 26 going on 13,14,15 year old would like to have as a surprise on his birthday.

    3) any suggestions to make him feel special on his birthday.

    Thank you for you help.


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    My big brother was a bit of a meanie to me today.
    He told me that he though I needed to have a nap.
    But I did not go to bed. Instead I sat on a nice comfy chair with Petter and Rex, and suck my pacifier, while watching Pan the movie. I fell asleep and when he came in to check on me he took photos because I looked cute.
    His Little, Daddy, now if I don't behave myself there goes on Facebook. I told them if you put some on Facebook I will just wait until he regress to a 13 year old and take a video of him playing with his Toys.

    Anyway he is going to be 26 on his birthday not a teenager. Although I'll be very surprised if you can stay out of his Middle headspace.
    We are going to sort out a shooting range as a special birthday treat.

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    It sounds to me that you already have the birthday gifts covered if you've gotten those things. I suspect that you would know better than any of us as to what he'd like.

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    He all way teasing me, yesterday he made me jump by suddenly opening my car door.
    It OK though I got my my own back.

    Well it his birthday tomorow. And I got him lots of Batman stuff. I got him a mug and a Batman mask. And a Batman keyring also a bottle opener and a screwdriver, and a Batman night light. As he does night sleep in the dark. And he says he's too old for cuddly toys to look after him (yea right!) And A pair of gloves.
    Also some birthday chocolates.

    Don't know when we going to go to the shooting range. But we are going to have a nice day out on Sunday.

    Anyway is there any caregivers out there that also have a Middle. And what sort of things do you do with them while they are in teenage head space.



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