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Thread: Does anybody Dream like they Are a child

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    Default Does anybody Dream like they Are a child

    I Dream Either that i am Playing Or i am at daycare. Guess i am busy Having fun when i am asleep.

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    I Do have my adult Dreams like scary nightmares but rarely Or Silly Dreams that Try and Remind me about my Parents being Angry and it Pours Salt in my wounds als to say Or Silly Dreams about needing to stop being a little

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    Most of them I don't remember.

    But yea I have had breams that are AB, being in a crib, and in nappys. In town not been able to get home. Or being able to find Paddy,

    One of them thinking about this, was having to be changed by a stranger.

    It is the weird ones that I seem to be able to remember.

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    Most of my little dreams I am about 2-3 years old in them. One time I was being babysat by my old babysitter, another time I was in my mom's and dad's bed during a thunderstorm.
    There have been some frightening ones. Back when I felt like I was going mad, I had some dreams about being in mental asylums in a padded cell, rambling on nonsense as the days went by.

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    I have no idea. I can only remember two dreams that I have had in my life. Sometimes I will wake up and rember the dream I was just having but my the time I process that, the dream is already fading from my memory.

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    I'm almost always a lot younger in my dreams. Sometimes I'm in my young 20s and sometimes I'm 12. I had a psychotic break when I was 12 so I'm not surprised that my dreams take me back to that age. Often I'm a student back in school. Sometimes it's high school and sometimes it's junior high.

    I'm not sure that many people believe in John Edwards, the guy who reads the dead, but he always said that souls in heaven appeared to him to be in their 20s. I've often wondered if our dreams sometimes take us to the next plain? I don't mean to sidetrack the thread and I certainly don't want to start a debate on that, just that it strike me as interesting.

    I've also had dreams where I was much younger and I'd be at some place, looking for a room to be in. Sometimes it's a dorm room. Sometimes in the dream, I have to find a bathroom. In some of these dreams, I find both the room and diapers on the floor. I'm always excited in the dream.

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    I don't tend to actually feature that much in my dreams, they're usually first person and the focus of the dream is on other stuff. I've had dreams where I'm put back in diapers, and many dreams that are fantastic or full of childlike wonder in some way, but I don't think I regularly dream from the perspective of a child.

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    I have dreams where I am little, or in diapers. Though I do not recall any of them. I guess there are few, and far between. I most recently dream about being diapered.

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    I dream the same type of dreams as when I was little, I remember a few from long ago. I don't know how old I am or any thing, there is no such data in my dreams lol. I'm just usually searching for something, on the move outside. I've never had any other sort of type of dream, idk. I don't remember dreams often though.

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    I had a dream the other night that my old computer science teacher was grading me and other people on our ability to put together a really nice bulky diaper...

    Some of my dreams include diapers, not many of them though where I am young. I also have pretty frequent dreams where I can fly.

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    Yes, when I dream I am typically between the ages of 4-7. In most of my dreams I am at school.

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