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Thread: ABDL specific diapers

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    Default ABDL specific diapers

    Which one should I try? Do they all have discreet shipping? I am bigger and will need an xl size. I was looking into the safari.. Any comments or suggestions would be great!

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    The safaris are a good choice and they have discreet shipping.

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    ABU are pretty impressive capacity wise and very comfortable... Not discreet though.

    For sure though try as many as possible!

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    I don't think anyone expects an ABDL diaper to be discreet.

    ABU diapers are top notch. Rearz Safari are awesome as well. The higher cost of them doesn't really justify the price difference in my eyes. Little Paws in my opinion is cuter.

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    Argent by not discreet do you mean wearing or shipping? I've been considering ordering from Abu but discreet shipping is a must

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    Abu is discreet shipping. Just a plain brown box, like any other premium diaper store. If I remember, the return address is made to abucares, which unless you have nosey roommates or Internet savvy parents, you'll be fine

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    Thank you I had assumed it would be discreet I believe the webpage says it is too just confused by that response and needed clarification

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