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    I was a but scared of going to the pharmacy and Buying inkontinent wear. My Plan was to Dekorate them with Stickers Are Drawing on them. I Found Some in SuperDrug on offer for 5.99 and i Bought 3 packst of 12 so i have enough for a Week. I Havnt tried one on yet but the have a cloth back that was hard to draw on. I made Some Nice ones so i will Show you when i have time. They seem descrete enough. I think they may be Too big so i got Tape to tighten them to Size by Bunching up Some Material and Taping it. I will Give updates in a but.

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    Try using crayons or Crayola markers to draw on the cloth backed. Should work fine.

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    They Are good for superdrugs Own Brand and its Worth i Would definatly get them again. I did a Little experimenting when i Cuz the Sides of Brief and tried Adding Tapes but they Kept Falling Off so i just add tape on the Brief but i Wanted a Babyish feel to them. I left Some Plain and Dekorated Most of them.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    They feel a lot more Babyish now

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    Very cute, Angelic. =^.^=

    There are some adult baby retailers who sell specialty diaper stickers. They are a bit pricyer, but they might be worth a look.

    ABDL Factory has really cute stickers that are meant to go along the waistband. They are super babyish, and frankly I want some.

    Etsy has some nice tapes.

    AB Univers has some cute stickers, but they are very much targeted at furries. If that's not your thing then you might want to move on.

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    Thanks Maybe when i have my Own Place i Can buy them but i Want to also buy the adult Baby diapers

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