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Thread: When/where is your favorite time to wear

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    Default When/where is your favorite time to wear

    I am currently sitting in my apartment drinking, watching netflix, and wearing, and honestly it is amazing. I cannot thing of anything else to be doing. When/where is your favorite time/place to wear? I am sure this is already a thread but I could not find it.

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    hmm, I enjoy wearing in the evenings while I'm studying for my university classes. I also wear to bed so In the evenings and all through the night.

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    Evenings and nighttime for me as well. Sometimes I'll wear on Saturdays because I don't have to do anything out with the public.

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    I wear mostly in the evening and then wear that one to bed. I do wear a pad though out the day as well.

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    Mostly I like to wear as I am working on the computer or in my home office.

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    I like wearing while I have a long session in a video game, particularly games like zelda or metroid

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    I love wearing to bed. I always sleep much better when I have a diaper on than if I had on regualr underwear.

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    Being a college student, I enjoy wearing when alone, especially when I'm studying, relaxing, and sleeping!

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    All the time, thankfully.

    I don't think I will ever enjoy wearing at the gym or while physically working hard, but that's sort of out of my hands.

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