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    Well I ordered Swimmates and guess I clicked the wrong option. I got 2 bags of smells and I need mediums. So I ordered those too. I'll probably be in smalls in a few weeks since I've switched to vegan food, so I'm keeping them anyway.

    But after looking at them, they seem like a great pull-up for every day wear too, because the pad goes almost up to the top of the waist band in front and back, only about an inch shy or so. Even though it's only meant for light use or swimming, it's all I need and I hate how all the other pull-ups out there have pads that barely rise in front.

    Anyway, I guess I'll give a better review once the mediums get here probably on Wednesday. I gotta find something that works well because I have a company retreat coming up and don't want any accidents.

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    Got the new Swimmates, right size this time. A little disappointed that the padding of the smalls and mediums are the same exact size. Why do companies think this works?? So while on the smalls the padding is only about an inch from the top of the waist band, the mediums just have the same pad with more surrounding material. So the padding rises just maybe about an inch or two above my parts. I mean if I'm sitting or standing, it's fine (tested well). I don't really flood or pee that much all at once, and they held up just fine. But I usually change pretty quick after an accident too. The didn't seem to really lock anything in, so you could sit on a hard chair and probably leak from squeezing it out.

    Obviously these are made for the pool or swimming anyway so that's not a problem. They'll do exactly what I need them for and I think they look much better than the other adult sizes that look more like women's panties. They're blue in the middle from waist band to waist band, so kinda reminds me of youth styles. I also think they're way more comfy than any others I've tried and even after wearing one all day, it never separated. The outer cloth covering gets rubbed on your shorts or pants so it was worn through a little bit. It didn't seem to wear all the way through even in the crotch, or enough that would cause a problem. Just leaves a little fuzz rubbed off if you've really been moving around.

    I'm definitely gonna start wearing them during the day to help with minor accidents and am so glad I found them before going on my company retreat where we'll be in the pool most of the time. A couple years ago, I had an accident that was pretty obvious on the same trip, and I definitely don't wanna repeat that. I think these are gonna be good for when I have to fly too, because I get so nervous that I always have small accidents (I HATE flying). And until we're in the air and I can settle down for the night and change into a regular diaper, these are gonna be great.

    They also roll up super small and you can tuck them into themselves like folding socks once you've used them. So if there's not a rubbish bin nearby at the time, it's small and tidy enough at least if it's just wet to toss back in your backpack until you can throw it away properly.

    I think I'm actually gonna be able to fit smalls by the time I go to Europe so I'll be even more happy because the pad will rise much higher on my body and make me feel even more confident, but the mediums will do for now, just for normal every day activity.

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