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Thread: My wandering hands are causing sores

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    Default My wandering hands are causing sores

    Just like in the title, but I will go more in depth. Lately I have been causing allot of self harm, and it is at night when I am asleep. I say that because I do not remember doing it, and I find lots of sores all over. I have quite a storied history of this, and keeping my nails short does seem to impact the severity of the cuts/gouges, but it does not stop it. I still mutilate my body involuntarily, but unless I take my shirt off no one knows.

    It's mentally pain full, and it hurts worse than the physical pain sometimes. It's a pain full thing to keep to myself, and i'm at the point of wanting to take the necessary measures to insure I am safe. I don't have the resources to see a professional about this, and even if I did. I don't think they would do much about it. To be transparent I have wanted padded mitts when not actively scratching at night, but now I see them as A must have.

    I am very interest in a babyish padded mitt, but all the common ones I have seen. To me they do not say how much padding is in it, or how well it is made so it can last gets called into question. I'm teetering on either in the middle of the road thickness padding, or something that is not so thin that it defeats the purpose. Sweating, and keeping my hands dry could be a issue, but I might have to try it to see. I never had such an item before!

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    Dang, i'm sorry that is a problem that you are dealing with. It sounds like you are on the right track of what you should do to approach it, granted I hope you can find some resources in the not so distant future to talk to a therapist about it.
    I don't know anything about the available padded mittens either, but I think that it is a really good idea of what you could do. Until you can find the right mitts, you might even benefit from just regular gloves. Maybe some of those flexible soft gloves you see in the winter, if they have a long wrist length, then you can hold them on by wrapping velcro around your wrist with them on so it won't fall off in the night, possibly a cheap solution until you find mitts that you like, plus you still have the usability of your fingers.
    I think any type of mitt would probably do you good, since it would at least make a barrier between your skin and your fingers, but you certainly do want to find something of quality, since you are using them for their actual intended purpose.

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    I was thinking the same thing, either big mittens or gloves. I have some nice work gloves that have a lot of padding on the inside and they would be workable. I got them at True Value Hardware store.

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    I bought a cheap set of oven mitts tonight. I was working on sewing thumbs to the rest of the glove. I then put in some Terry cloth into it to see what I like. Honesty I rather buy something of good quality that I won't have to fuss over with sewing my own, and trying to make it right. So I can say that an oven mitt is barely thick enough, and not at all conforms to comfort. It has a too wide of a cut on the opening around the wrist, and I cannot secure it.

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    Sorry to hear that you have howies. I would encourage you to tell your Doctor about it as thay can help.

    As for padded gloves. The pair that I tried out with someone are really good for age play. And there may be some things you need to think about.

    Getting them on you will need help to get the onto your hands as they are decided to constrict your movement of hands. Once they are on you are constricted to pulling and pushing. You will be only able to hold things by gripping the object between both pads of the gloves.

    Also getting them of. You will need help in getting them off because of the restriction to your hands.

    Really hope you find a solution that works for you.


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    I've wore the mitts that Cuddlz stock. They are pretty thickly padded while not being oversized. You can easily put them on and take them off yourself but you do consciously have to try. The elastic stops them from just slipping off so its unlikely you will pull them off in your sleep. We have had these for quite a long time and there is no sign of wear. Only problem is washing them. There is so much padding in them they take ages to dry, so try to keep them clean to minimize the number of times they need a wash! While they keep your hands warm, I have never had a problem with them getting too hot and then sweating.

    When I was really stressed when I was a bit younger I used to do the same and scratch myself. I got around this by wearing footed sleepers. My entire body was covered with a thick fleece and the only way to access it was by undoing the zipper, which I never did in my sleep. Thankfully I have mostly stopped doing that these days, but its another possible suggestion depending on how hot your climate is.

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    My wife is a medical worker. She says it is an emotional issue that could be addressed by counseling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueGrey View Post
    My wife is a medical worker. She says it is an emotional issue that could be addressed by counseling.
    That was very informative of you. Thank you Blue, and please tell the wife it was helpful!

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    Omg, i have the Same Problem. I Problem Shared is a Problem halved, good luck!

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