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Thread: must order, littlepawz or bellissimos?

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    Default must order, littlepawz or bellissimos?

    hesitating between both, i'm finishing a case of bellissimos which is why i'm tempted to get littlepawz but i've never tryed any ABU diapers. I've worn safari's from and bellissimos but never those from ABU. What would you guys suggest?

    of if you've got any other idea, bring it on!

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    I have only tried cushies from Abu and I like them a lot. Want to try the little pawz soon. However bellisimos are so comfy feel so good, you can't go wrong with them.

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    Bellissimos (Bunnies) are my daily diaper (with stuffers, of course), for work and . . . I guess pretty much everywhere. I'd always say go with them. Having only tried Cushies once, I was not impressed, however, I just ordered a case each of Cloth-backed Cushies and the SDK2.0s, so, if the improvements are there over previous versions, I might have something different to say! For now, though, Bams.

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    Little Paws are great diapers. They are a bit thicker than Bellissimos, and are wee bit wider in the crotch. If you love Bellissimos, you'll love Little Paws.

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    Honest, I'd skip the bellisimos at this point. Maybe I got a pretty "eh" batch of bellisimos, but the one bag of ABU Simple (same base product as paws) was pretty solid.

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