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    Starting to run low on diapers and need to order more soon. Have been thinking of either little pawz, dc idyl, or tykables I have tried to DC idyl and like them but they were only a sample. I would like to order a pack of 40 of whichever one I get. Does anyone know how big of a box they will come in? Also which kind should I get? Leaning more towards little pawz but would be OK with any one of them.

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    I'd do little pawz. Ordered a case of 80 SDKs, and it was a large box. I'd say 1'x3' squared

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    the sdk box is one bag high and 4x2 bags wide so it's "tile shaped". Square from above, but only about 1/3 as high as it is wide and deep. It's awkward size.

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