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Thread: Getting cranky like a real toddler

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    Default Getting cranky like a real toddler

    I Found Myself Having a Tantrum every Time i argue with someone Or the dog! I get cranky when i am tired Or i didnt get enough sleep. #real toddlerisms tell us your toddlerisms. I find a cuddle with a Pillow Since its big and a paci Works well, if i am consolable its a Funny Videos.

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    I had a large tantrum today, had been shooting clays (early rising) and then hastily decided to buy more ammo, sat on a commuter train more or less the whole day with all my stuff, keeping a stiff upper lip, behaving myself. But I totally lost it when I finally arrived at my home station and the train doors closed with me in between - me and my bags were squashed, ouch. I exploded, used foul language and pushed the doors to the sides with my bare hands. It was awesome.

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    I think we all get a bit cranky when we are stressed or exhausted. I reccomend regular exercise and mindfulness exercise. Of course, getting pleanty of sleep also helps. I find I am one of those people who needs about nine hours of sleep most days or I am just not myself.

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    I throw a tantrum when I'm stressed by anything or if anything upsets me.. I'm a very well put together person but when I get upset and it's something personal, I go into littlespace, and if I will cry a lot and it takes a very special kind of person to console me, if it's the wrong person, I will go crazy if they try because they just make me more mad.. Just like a real 2/3 year old..

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    I tend to be cranky when I have not worn or had little time in awhile

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    Try to get enough sleep every night! Nobody likes a grump :P

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    Being autistic, I have meltdowns.
    I had a couple in the last week, due to emotional stress.
    I should not have meltdowns as a 58 year-old, but I do.
    I admit that I feel ashamed that I act like a toddler due to my Autism.

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    I throw tantrums and I find my teddies and stuffies and paci soothes me like the baby I am!🤗👶

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    I tend to have tantrums mostly when I'm overly tired, but also when I'm very frustrated and either don't understand something or am overwhelmed. They vary from minor foot stomping to full blown kicking, crying, and yes yelling. However usually after I calm down I feel a lot better. A few snuggles with my teddy and my paci work quite well.

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    When I'm tired or stressed I cry easily. I don't really yell or scream but I get a feeling that nothing in the world could make me happy and depending on where my headspace is it can be something little that upsets me. Burning pizza for example if I'm feeling really little. As far as tantrums go I'm not sure I threw too many of those as a kid either. No one would have listened anyway lol.

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