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Thread: Diaper Jokes- The Reaction

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    Default Diaper Jokes- The Reaction

    How do you react when someone cracks a diaper joke or an ABDL joke? On the flip side, how do others react if you make one?

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    I rarely react at all.

    Though one time when my dad was dropping me off for the summer at my mom's over in Oregon my dad jokingly said " Don't forget to change" and before he could finish it off my mom said "what, his diapers?" At that moment I knew I did not have funny parents and I just sighed at how dumb it was. Really my mom would never let me do anything other then come to this site if I was at her place. :P

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    I'd usually just laugh along, or sometimes just sigh at how ignorant some pathetic humans are.

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    I feel all awkward on the inside but try to laugh it off on the outside.

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    I've yet to hear of a funny diaper joke, so I just groan at yet another bad joke.

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    I sometimes make diaper jokes to people even when my mom and sis are around (cause they know Im a tb). If someone says something about diapers I'll say something like "diapers are the shit, man." Everyone thinks its a joke. I know better

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    I've not really encountered much in that regard, though one of the members in my choir is the same age as me, and has his birthday 4 days before mine. He always kids me about getting older, and how the things that happen to him are going to happen to me 4 days later. We're good friends. Anyway, when it was my birthday last December, he said, while in choir, that in 4 more days I was going to be in Depends! Everyone laughed. I hoped I didn't turn red, as he didn't know how close to the truth he really was...haha...

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    I've found it funny so I've laughed. Maybe I found if funnier than others but not by a extraordinay amount. I've been wanting to get a chance to make a diaper joke but haven't had the opportunity.

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    I used to feel awkward, but that feeling mostly went away over the years. Now I just laugh if it's funny, like anyone else. As for me making jokes I havn't really done much, or really any for that matter, so it might feel weird.

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    I don't really hear that many. In fact, almost none. So I find it hard to say...

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