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    So, I've been looking at adult diapers and found these. I was wondering if anyone has experience with them. How they fit, if they're comfortable, absorbency, etc. any info is appreciated~

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    I really like their fit! The velcro means you can adjust and re-adjust all you want. The stretchy sides mean you can use it like a pull-up too! As far as the ultras, I've only used the supers which wick really well and hold way more than you expect too! Super descreet if you wear outside, nice low waist.
    They are my favorite non premium diaper. Some days I like them even more than the premiums!

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    I picked some up a little while ago in the WalMart clearance aisle. Not sure why they were there, but got a good price for them. I think they are comfy and work well. Easy to take off and put back on if you are out and need to go number 2 in a toilet. Only downside for me is that I like the feel of plastic backed and these aren't.

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