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Thread: Best way to store pacifiers

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    Default Best way to store pacifiers

    I'm about to purchase a set of 3 NUK 5 pacifiers for myself, as I was smitten with the idea of having different coloured pacis I could accessorize with during my Little time.

    However, I don't have a means to safely hide them, as I'm currently living with my father and having three large pacifiers out in the open would definitely get noticed.

    Right now, I'm trying to find a way to keep my pacifiers hidden but easily accessible to me. I'm considering buying myself a small wooden box to keep near my bedside, but keeping my pacifiers sanitary is also on the forefront of my mind and I'm unsure what keeping my pacis in a wooden box would do to them.

    Would I be able to get some outside advice from you all on how I could go about discretely and cleanly storing my pacifiers?

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    Are you prone to catching colds? I am not so I would just keep them in a plastic or wooden box and clean the pacifiers and the container out every once in a while. If you are prone to catching colds - I would then go for something plastic that can be disinfected.

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    I have a question along those lines. How often should I clean my pacifier if I do not get sick often? Also what method is most practical to clean both a latex, and silicone nipple?

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    I clean mine about every couple of days (unless I drop it in the yard or someplace really dirty) and all I use is hot water and dishwashing liquid. Once in a while I will boil some water and drop a pacifier into the water for 2 minutes.

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    I keep mine in its original box.

    I wash it off with warm water after every 'session' so to speak. It may be unnecessary but I feel safer cleaning it every time and it won't hurt a thing.

    I keep mine in a small lockable cabinet, along with some other things. My mom had one sitting around gathering dust out in the shed. I asked if I could use it and that was the end of it.

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    I've got an old cigar box I keep mine in. The one on the clip gets clipped to a stuffed animal or me. If you're not prone to sickness, just rinsing it when it gets visibly dirty is fine. The instructions on most pacifiers say to boil them or whatever to sanitize them, but that's because babies immune systems are not developed enough to ward off any sicknesses caused by germs.

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    I have a silicone pacific right now, and a latex one on the way.

    1.Is it safe to store silicone with latex?

    2. Is it safe to store latex, with latex, and silicone with silicone?

    3. I have heard certain materials can burn when in contact with itself or others.

    Thank you in advance!

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    For me, I barely get sick, like maybe once a year, so I usually don't wash mine unless I drop it in some place dirty or dusty but usually I won't drop mine because I have a clip to keep it on my clothes. I keep mine in a small zip lock plastic bag that it came in when I bought it

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    I just store mine in an old backpack which also has my sippy cups and a few other AB-related stuff (mainly changing supplies and a few diapers). I currently have a Nuk 5 from PacifiersRUs (latex) and an AwwSoCute pacifier (silicone) and haven't had any problems with storing them together. The one issue I have found though is that they sometimes may absorb scents/flavors (silicone seems to do this more than latex). Sometimes when I just have mine around I'll briefly store it in my desk drawer where I keep gum and other misc stuff, only to use it later and find it tastes of mint or whatever gum I have. Not a bad thing but something to maybe be aware of.

    A small wooden box should suffice. They also do make pacifier holders (like this: but I'm not sure if there are any big enough to hold 3 Nuk 5s (also they would probably be more conspicuous than a plain wooden box).

    As far as cleaning goes, I pretty much never clean mine, although I don't really use either of them long enough for it to really matter, and I rarely get sick or use them around areas where they would get dirty. At most just a quick rinse and wipe off should be fine, most adults have a higher tolerance to stuff than babies so there's less of a need to keep everything 100% germ-free.

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