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Thread: Childish slang terms for urinination/defecation???

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    Default Childish slang terms for urinination/defecation???

    anybody still use them??? I think its funny that hear tons of people use words like "tinkle" as they were a common high level vocabulary word.......even in the office environment which is devoid of children(and by people who don't even have kids)

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    Luckily, My parents didn't use those kinds of terms.
    But I do have a cousin, whose children referred to farting as "Sparkling"
    so "Ewww you sparkled!!!"
    It's was so stupid. Even when I was like 8 years old I thought her kids looked incredibly dumb when they said it.

    sry That was slightly offtopic
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    one of my mentors at the theatre has a knack for poop jokes, his latest is calling it
    "drop gel and re-focus"

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    "Tee-tee" is all I can think of. However, on the NHL XM channel, a commentator said that it would either be "poop or get off the pot" on whether Atlanta should sign Kari Lehtonen to a big contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I don't use them. I say piss, shit, and fart.
    That's cause you're a true G like that, dog. Hahahaha. Sorry >.< xD

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    When I was little, I just said I have to go potty. If I wanted to get into detail, I either poo poo'd, or I pee pee'd. These days I just say I have to use the facilities, or if I'm at home, I'm goin' to take a shit (even if I'm just peeing.)

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    When I was little, urination was the ever popular tinkle or #1. Honestly can't remember any slang used for defecation other than #2.

    With our kids urination was wee-wees and defecation was poopies.


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    I just say potty around everyone. No one cares. Or, if I'm specific, "I gotta go pee!" or "I gotta poo"

    its pretty funny actually.

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    *yikes* I forgot something. When I was little I used to say "Shu-shu" for poop. Dang that's embarrassing. >_<

    my ex-friend used the term "ca-ca" for her children. And I was under the impression that "ca-ca" meant Sh!t in spanish. Can anyone verify that?

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