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    For those in good ole Canada who have not seen the email from Snuggies / Tykables Canada yet, they are liquidating their stock of Snuggies overnights to make room for Tykables and other "new products" They are currently selling only by the case but at an unreal price. A case of 8 bags, 80 diapers in either size, is $80 CND plus shipping. Comes to $95.00 total, shipped anywhere in Canada for a CASE of 80 Snuggies.

    Needless to say I purchased by first ever case of diapers.... hope the wife doesn't mind lol. Im usually a bag at a time person...

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    Sadly, when I got to the check out, I got a message "Error: None of your chosen carriers deliver to the address you have selected" But there was no carriers to choose. I'm in the U.S., so I guess this is a Canada only deal. Amazing deal, though.

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    There appears to be a similar offer in the UK - 50 per case on the Waddler Overnight and Tighty Whities. Pretty good deal. I have to wonder if whatever deal they struck with Huggies requires them to sell off their Snuggies-branded stock within a specified time period. "Making room for new stock" seems a little thin for such a large discount.

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    Hoping this doesn't vanish too quick. Having surgery end of this week so stocking up the stash isn't high on my list given I'll be lacking time to indulge. Definitely something I will be checking into after if its in the budget. I have been wanting to try out some of the 'premium' brands without spending an arm and a leg.

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