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Thread: *Shocking News* The Bad Baby! (Baby Brett)

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    Default *Shocking News* The Bad Baby! (Baby Brett)

    Seems someone had a bad experience with a famous adult baby from t.v.

    "Who could miss him, he was 6 ft 2 about 275 lbs and carrying a giant bunny while dressed in overalls.
    I had my casual clothes on because I wasn’t expecting that we would play. Also Brett said we were not going to dress up as Mommy and baby. Seeing him made me skeptical. Here he was wearing an obvious baby outfit all babied up. I blew my horn and he dashed over to my car. Reached for the door handle, Brett looked at me and gave me a mischievous smile and said to me “ Wow you are a really pretty Mommy.” He knew how to flatter and he could tell I was a bit peeved about him dressing up. He tried to play down his outfit and claimed the big bunny was for me . By the way he held the stuffed rabbit, I noticed the ears were chewed on, it was obvious it was his"

    (WOW shocking read up on what happened) no offence to baby brett

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    Nothing like an "adult baby" being a total shithead.

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    OMG WTF??? How he could break up the rules... I have met with people about my ABDL and if we don't agree on something I don't do it. That's really being a dum dum... This is why the ABDL community gets bad reputation sometimes...

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    He knowingly broke every rule, so he could "have a very post-pubescent reaction," to whatever punishment was given. If that waitress hadn't found him mentally handicapped, not merely disabled, but handicapped, (which by the way, doubly insults several of my friends, and me, by extension, because several of my friends are cognitively impaired, but know better than to behave that way,) he'd have been arrested, for literally showing his ass in public! Lucky for him, the waitress wasn't tipped off to the fact that he wasn't cognitively impaired (His actions however, were aphorant and stupid.) by him paying the bill! I'd have been, and he'd have been, because I'd have called the law! He's managed to offend cognitively disabled people, the larger disabled community in general, and ABDLs. Way to go, genius! (Sarcasm)

    I understand testing and pushing limits, but don't obliterate every single one, as rules are there for the comfort of all involved, and it's disrespectful, especially in public! Beyond that, it hurts one's desired caretaker! Something about knowing he'll never see or hear from her again makes me at the appropriateness of the consequence! Hurt worse than jail time, does it? My God, it was a restaurant! Were any bio kids present?!

    I believe one should be able to wear, for example an off the rack, Minions or Kermit, or whatever shirt, intended for one's age and size, appropriate bottom half clothes, including diapers, (Sure, why not? They're underwear.) and maybe some elastic or silicone shoelaces with one's fun shoes, in public. Screaming something stupid about one's ABDL to the public, thus impacting more than just oneself, however, is wrong, as is exposing one's underwear, beyond the accidental waistband peak, no matter what type, or especially ones genitals and/or ass! The bunny thing is pushing my personal limit. Although I don't see a problem with it for others, I prefer my comfort objects pocket sized, and they never leave my pocket.

    I'd have handled the bottle thing differently. I'd have asked if it'd be possible to fill a sports bottle with my preferred drink, and if she said no, fine, then keep the alternative lid in my bag, and switched them only if and when I knew nobody'd notice. If I could successfully switch to the baby lid, unless it was actively being drunk from, the cap would be on, so no one saw the nipple.

    As long as your public behavior doesn't hurt anyone else, and doesn't become anyone else's business, fine. I've heard of people who can go #1 and #2 in a diaper, and no one else has a clue. Know why? Because the people who can do that, go out of their way to make sure no one has a clue! They actually make an effort to be discreet, by taking internal deodorants, and quickly changing in an appropriate place, among other things. Not saying Brett wouldn't, if he used his diaper in public, just saying an effort should be made not to include the unwitting, non-consenting public.

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    You guys don't remember when he was on Dr Phil? When he went home with that creepo Inky dude?

    YT the episode if you're ready to cringe and need your daily dose of self-disgust.

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    "Baby Brett" needs his rear-end paddled with a 2" x 4" x 30" piece of pine lumber for breaking the rules of the AB/DL Community Subculture.

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    We'd to try crate some kind of blacklist...

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    Oh God. Never at my worst would I ever do that in public. What an embarrassment to the AB/DL community this is. I want to smack this guy silly.

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    Time for a healthy dose of tough love, i.e. Spanking

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    Time for a healthy dose of tough love, i.e. Spanking
    That's exactly what he wanted, to get off on the spanking. She did the right thing. She didn't give in. Instead, he'll have to deal with the real world consequence, which is, act like a dumbass, let a potential caretaker's neighbors know that she and yourself are, "in the same business," so to speak, make your bottle and giant lovey obvious to people who don't know, and didn't consent to, what the hell you're doing, and literally show your ass in public, and you don't get a mommy. Down south, we use the term, "to show one's ass," to describe having a temper tantrum, a bad attitude, or generally being a snot in public, so, he fits the bill, literally and figuratively.

    Part of me understands that the bunny is his lovey, and it really is harmless. The harm is in it being obvious. I feel he should've picked a smaller lovey. Should it be that way? No, Bunny never hurt anyone, but it has to be that way, or some age-conformist elohssa, (Ah, there is an upside to dyslexia.) will assault anyone without the good sense to keep it hidden.

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