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Thread: When Do You Change?

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    Default When Do You Change?

    After wearing for the past few years, I've never really determined when the best time to change is. In the past I've always diapered up a while before going to bed, which leads to just changing out of it in the morning before school or work.

    Recently though, I've been wearing more during the day at home, and I can't really figure out when I should change into a new one. I want to get the most performance that I can out of these, but it seems like I know the time to change when it starts leaking which we all know is bad. Typically I'm using a premium - bellisimo, abu space, tena maxi, etc... so I know there's high performance, I'm just not sure when.

    Is it a feeling? Or do you just know what your capacities are after a while of using them?

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    There are two things that determine an oil change in your car: time and duration. Either you've driven 10,000 miles or you've gone through two seasons. Either way, you should probably change the oil. The same is true with diapers. Either they've been on you for a certain amount of time, like all night, into the morning, or they're soaked. Either way, time to change.

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    When did you start wearing during the day?

    I ask because it will take some practice to determine what each diaper can hold. Some diapers hold more, some less. Also, your output will vary. Only you can determine whether your total output is about to exceed the diaper's input and a diaper change is needed. This will only come about with some practice.

    SO...what to do? If you need to go out in public, change earlier. If your home, then go till the diaper leaks and note how much you think you peed. Then next time, change just before you reach that limit.

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    If you're trying to figure out when you need a change, you should think about how much you're drinking, what your plans are, what facilities might be around if you're going out, that sort of thing. In general, I wear a diaper to capacity. I like the really thick ones like Bellisimos, so that often means I wear the same diaper during the evening, go to bed wet, and change after wetting the next morning. Or if I'm wearing one during the day, usually for many hours unless I'm guzzling drinks.

    My sense for when a diaper is about to be at capacity is when it starts feeling more squishy than before. The thick ones especially have a certain firmness to the diaper that causes it to more or less hold its shape. If you wet and after a couple minutes, you feel the diaper and it no longer seems like it's holding its shape or firmness, that probably means it will leak if you wet it any more.

    Other than that, change before you go out if you'll be out for a while.

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    Coming from a car guy, I enjoyed that reference @Dogboy.

    @BabyDenise I'd say I started to wear more frequently about 2 weeks ago or so. I guess a lot of it just ends up being trial and error determining capacity. I should make more of a mental note now seeing how much I use it before it leaks!

    @ArchieRoni Since you mentioned it, that's one thing I noticed in the back of my head is when it would lose form. I could feel it squish a little more than I'm used to and it would probably leak soon after. Definitely something I need to pay more attention to.

    Thank you for your quick responses! I always appreciate the advice this forum provides.

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    Whenever I wear all day, I usually change four times, once about every six hours, which is usually when I wake up (6-8AM), before lunch (11-Noon), when I get home (5-6PM), and just before I goto bed (10PM).

    If I have not used the diaper, I will skip the changes before lunch and when I get home, but that is uncommon.

    If at anytime I feel like I am nearing capacity, I will change as soon as possible and usually skip my next "regular" change.

    If at anytime I mess my diaper, I will change immediately. I only mess when I absolutely have to or I am about change anyway, but I will not wait to change unless I can't help it.

    As far as how to tell when it is at capacity, it is all about the rate of absorption and how it feels. With a good diaper, you should feel mostly dry a couple of minutes after wetting. If the diaper does not immediately wick away the urine and it begins to pool in the bottom of your diaper, it is time to change.

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    Great question Evo19!

    It really depends on your schedule that day and just how uncomfortable your diaper is beginning to feel. If you're busy and think it can stand more, then wait to change! But if you really think your diaper is at capacity and you're at risk of a leak then you should change right away. You don't want to waste diapers (they are expensive! $$$) but at the same time you don't want to risk a leak. Leaks suck.

    Now if you've pooped, I think you should really change it as soon as possible.

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    I usually change when it starts to feel wet and uncomfortable

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    I change when I feel that I'm about to start leaking. That's something that has taken time to figure out as it's different with each and every brand I wear. Enjoy the wearing experience and adjust for your own needs

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