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Thread: Help us understand AB/DL

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    Default Help us understand AB/DL

    Dear AB/DL members,

    my name is Johannes Fuss and I am working at the Institute for Sex Research in Hamburg, Germany. Me and my colleague Laura Jais are currently conducting a survey among people with AB/DL interest. We kindly ask for your help by filling out our questionnaire.

    Please find the link below:

    We think that our study could be very important for people with AB/DL interest. There is still a lot of misunderstanding and stigma related to AB/DL. Unfortunately there have been almost no research studies published in scientific journals that did not relate AB/DL to criminal or pedophilic behaviors. Laura and I are aiming to provide an unbiased and unprejudiced description.

    In our survey we ask you about your sex-life, sexual partners and early life experiences to better understand the development of AB/DL interests and to explain this phenomenon to other mental health professionals.

    The questions were designed together with a member of the AB/DL community who wants to keep anonymity.

    It would be great if you could support us. Please feel free to ask any questions by direct message or email: [email protected]

    Thank you very much and have a nice day,

    Johannes and Laura

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    As I took the time to answer the survey I feel obligated to point out a few things that I feel the survey missed entirely.

    If you take the time to peruse this forum you will find a myriad of completely different interests regarding ABDL'ism. There is a cacophony of avenues and fantasies that make up such a diverse group.

    1) ABDL'ism is not easily categorized like many common fetishes. They range wildly in scope.

    2) Of the 20 or so subsets of this kink, many will relate to a handful of them and some just one.

    3) Most, if not nearly all, members here regard such kinks as a small sub-set to their daily lives and therefore have no desire to share with anyone outside of this site. Such trepidation should be understood and factored in to such equations.

    4) ABDL's usually have little to no time in the midst of daily life to engage entirely in the fetish/kink. It is usually a free-time activity.

    The survey is rather rudimentary in it's substance, simplistic, and does not nearly ask pertinent questions. They come across as generic with little knowledge of the community.

    I commend and appreciate the interest in such a niche area of kink and hope that there are subsequently answers into the mysteries of ABDL'ism and Infantilism.

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    Thanks a lot for your participation and pointing out your critique. Such a survey is always limited because we have to select a few questions which seem to be relevant given the previous studies. Unfortunately, as a consequence not everyone will feel represented. Therefore we also included qualitative data by asking open questions at the end of the survey.
    Have a great weekend!

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    I agree with what has been said, there were a few questions that didn't have all the right answers so I just answered as best as I could nevertheless I appreciate your interest, vielen dank!

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    i couldn't even fill in the amount of partners i've had. you limited it to 50.
    i think if we can't answer a question then you should give us the ability to leave it blank rather than force us to leave false information.

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    Interesting survey, I'm curious to see where this might go. I found some of the questions relevant to me, and I think you did a good job on the sliding scale page of ensuring that someone has read it and doesn't just check every box down one side. I would have liked to be able to go back at one point, as I think I misunderstood a question but couldn't change it (or if there was a way to go back I missed it). I also wasn't sure in the beginning if you meant sex to mean with a partner or if it included masturbation, although you clarified that in a couple later questions.

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    I took the survey and I'm happy to do my part on this. The only published academic study I know of beyond individual case studies was the Zamboni study, which only broached very basic information (and even that is published in a journal I'd never heard of with a low-ish impact factor). If there are any others that you're aware of, consider me curious and interested to read them.

    Some other high-traffic websites in the community that come to mind as places where you might also consider posting this to gather responses: the Daily Diapers forums,, the major ABDL Fetlife groups, and (French language).

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    Took the survey also, and off-hand the major criticisms I would have are:

    1) It doesn't really address those for whom AB/DL isn't sexual at all.

    2) "Sexual" needs to be defined better.

    3) Like any survey, it needs to be tuned to the linguistic nuances of the target population. If you want to survey native-English-language populations, you need a native-English-language speaker, preferably with knowledge of this field, to fine-tune the survey. There are certain linguistic ambiguities in this which might affect the results.

    4) Don't beg the question. It's pretty obvious from the long list of questions about childhood family experiences that you are trying to determine if AB/DL is a result of abuse, which is a highly defensive topic for those who are victims, even in an anonymous survey. Find a more subtle method of enquiry.
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    I finished the survey, and I agree with the posters above. IMO there is way too much emphasis on sexual stuff. It is spinning a uncomfortable narrative about the AB/DL community. It does not address, or represent a broad enough scope of the diverse people in the community as I was wanting to see.

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    If I may point out, the introductory post notes that the researchers are from the Institute for Sex Research in Hamburg. While I know that we, as an ABDL community, very much want people to understand that what we do is motivated by both sexual and nonsexual desires, I don't think it's fair to criticize the Institute of Sex Research for asking too many questions about sex.

    Now, I do think that they weren't entirely clear about what sex includes in the early part of the survey and agree with Akastus there, but critiquing them for asking too much about sex is missing the point of what they're doing.

    With regard to the child abuse questions, I think that's actually a well-constructed survey. The questions are mixed into a long list that also asks about good aspects of home life (like "my parents were always supportive of me"). The reason to do it like that is that by asking very similar or even the same questions multiple times, and mixed together so that the person answering can't just check the same bubble over and over, you ensure that people actually read the questions and don't lie. So, yes, of course they're curious about whether people who are ABDL have a higher amount of abuse in their childhoods (though our own community research suggests it's not all that high), but the way they asked it is a good survey technique, not overbearing.

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