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Thread: Where are you going in life?

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    Default Where are you going in life?

    Well, where are you goin?
    Most people here are adults, or of age, or like me. Some one ready to go out into the world but can't.
    MY future holds


    Then attending:
    Agora Cyber Charter School,
    while getting:
    CompTIA A+
    CompTIA Network+
    CompTIA Security+
    CompTIA Server+
    CompTIA Linux+
    Whilst working some type of job. Theres a friend who fits in here.... not saying who

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    More in depth, English Literature Degree in a few years time, MA's etc followed, then to England for a job.
    Well, the other two options are get famous or flip burgers, but I doubt about those happening.

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    We might need to swap discussion-time, Dusk. I have a feeling we'd have quite a bit to talk about!

    My direction for the future is much the same as Dusk's -- to get my degree in English Literature studies and continue on with my education with the intent of teaching at a college-level. I would love to write for a living, but it's not a very likely living, though it's a wonderful pipe-dream. And if those weren't options, then I'd do my best to take my band as far as we could go.

    Besides that, though, my future is pretty open -- I'm up for anything as long as it means I get to live, breathe, eat, and sleep!

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    or to be more precise: finish my Honours degree in Computer Arts as a CGI artist... THEN go to America - where there's actually a slight chance of getting into the film industry!

    Failing that - probably film-acting since i'm partially there ^.^
    failing that - Walmart! XD

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    My life:

    Finish my final year of college, and then go to university to study maths and philosophy.
    After that, I have little idea. Probably travel, and then get a job. I'll probably come up with more exciting plans once I'm in university.

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    Finish college with a degree in Geology. After that, hopefully get a job (probably in the mining industry) where I might be allowed to use explosives. There's also the possibility I might wind up doing some acting, among other things, in Hollywood. Who knows.

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    umm gonna be a grease monkey... getting my A.S.E in 2 years...
    no clue wtf comes next, just living diaper to diaper, day to day lol

    *A.S.E. is master technician status in auto*

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    Hmm...well I've just recently finished technical college and got a job (like a grownup! :p)

    So...I plan to stay at my parents' place for awhile (probably until the summer months) then find a place of my own . That will rule. I don't really mind living with my parents, we get along fine, but I enjoy my privacy (shock!) and would love to be able to:
    -watch TV on a couch (rather than in my room, family tv is never an option for me..)
    -get access to a kitchen (again, never really an option here..)

    Other than that, I see myself getting settled in my job and career, saving for a house down-payment, and just enjoying myself - cause that's what it's about right? You do what makes you happy

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    Still in highschool here. If I can kick my grades in the ass I'll go to some UC school, if not I'll go to a local community college and party there. I'm taking 3 APs atm, so if I pass the AP test for all those I'll be set. I don't really know what I want to major in, but I've got a little bit longer to think about it, I'm only a junior. It looks like I'll major in engineering though, a pretty broad topic but there's a lot of high paying jobs out there involving engineering.

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    Me I'm not really going anyplace, I got hurt on the job about 10 years ago, seued the company it took a long time, but got enough to keep me happy, for the rest of my life.

    Bought a house, it's a little to big, bought a bunch of cars, I can never have enough cars, paid for everything up front, and a get a nice check every month, just like I was working, and have some money in the bank.

    Like I said I'm really not going anyplace, except where I feel like going on a daily basis....

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