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Thread: Hey everybody, welcome back!!!!!

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    Talking Hey everybody, welcome back!!!!!

    Tis I, ADISC's very own You Worst Nightmare here, ummm, you guys pretty much know me, so I'm not going to do a big long intro, heh.....:p

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    well i will give a big looooooooooooooong welcome.

    welcome back your worst nightmare

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    Humphrey Sez: Yay! Uncle... uncle... Uncle your worstest nightmare?

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    Ahhh! It's my worse nightmare!

    I had a nightmare last night that someone tried to shoot me!

    *Backs off*

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    Heh, thanks Catty, Kraiden and Humphrey, and Charlie, so nice to fell welcomed back ^_^

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    Hey! I remember you...weren't you standing in line beside me at the grocery store the other da--oh not wait, you joined TBDL when I did! Aha, welcome back!

    ...and for the record, my worst nightmare is maggots and other small slimy crawlies....*shivers*

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    Hey, YWN!

    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Lurker View Post
    So, what exactky does ADISC stand for?
    Ummm...I believe (don't quote me on this tho') that it means "Adult baby and Diaper lovers Infantilism Support Community"

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    Thanks andysetra and ayanna, and ayanna, thats what I though it stands for too, lol....

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    My worst nightmare?! Pah...I've seen worse! :p

    Anyway, welcome back! Have fun!


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