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  1. Just wanted to say hi, so, um, hi. I've been reading your blogs and commented on the one about bedbugs. No one should be forced to live that way because of a slum landlord. Read my response and let me know what you think. There is help available and steps that can be taken. Never give up.
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Illinois, USA
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Diaper Lover, Little, Incontinent
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reading, writing, video games, exercise, home brewing, cooking
Hospitality sector
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Babyland cloth
I'm the one they DIDN'T warn you about.
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Tarotist. Aspie. Pagan. Gamer. Photographer. Art cook. Audiophile.


I'm in the dark—I've lost the moon
But my love, my love, my love comes home to you

—Les Friction


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Infinite Patience

by OmiOMy on 2 Days Ago at 03:37
The one I had the job for had a crisis, and so the other day, I was Übered over to her place and basically the guard on suicide watch. It was basically two nights of asking "Should I call the ambulance now?" every time she said "I know where the knives are" to the empty air where her soon to be ex used to sit.

I did not sleep well. The house reeks of ingrained litter box and rat cage stink. And I later had to haul a presoak load of laundry that had turned the water

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A Ramble: Health, Spirituality, Gender…

by OmiOMy on 1 Week Ago at 01:55
I put myself in my usual 7-o'clock mode immediately after the time turned over, ignoring the pile of laundry that requires folding. Right now, its purpose is to add to the delicious smell in the apartment. I'm enjoying the fresh scent in the apartment to a ridiculous degree. Last week the ambient smell was litter box (not clean) and rat cage (not clean).

The least expected problem was a burny rash, unknown in origin but cured with a single night of sleeping with Desitin on it. I don't

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That was… a task.

by OmiOMy on 1 Week Ago at 08:31
Seven days in that house, with a woman who didn't want to try to take care of herself. In a house with animal smells that robbed me of appetite so thoroughly that only near syncope episodes brought on by low blood sugar reminded me to eat. Pushy requests and a disastrous trip to the mall where I had to explain how bank holds work on debit cards when the card is run on credit.

Actively ignoring my designated lights out time. Several times I tried to go to sleep and suddenly she was

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Tomorrow, the start of a test.

by OmiOMy on 2 Weeks Ago at 00:35
Tomorrow I start the test run of being a live in caretaker for a friend of mine. She's my age, but literally cannot fend for herself. Can't cook, can't clean, can't manage her own medication, can barely manage to get through six hours alone. If I hadn't taken the gig she would have had to attempt to be on her own for a whole week, she's got no survival skills. Her man has been more caretaker than husband, and this is crashing and burning.

So I have to go in and make sure she stays

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Scrubbed up

by OmiOMy on 2 Weeks Ago at 04:33
I forced myself to really scrub up today, instead of just settling for a sink bath. There was barely hot water, and loud neighbors, and the soap was the kind that I use when I just need to be clean and I'm kind of punishing myself for being a slob...but I honestly feel better now.

Then I noticed the date, and treated myself to a double padded Babyland. I think I earned it.

The week has been hell. My father is on the run from my crazy stepmother and I'm running out

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