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About LaurenSarahK
California, USA
AB/DL Identity:
Adult Baby, Little
Non-ABDL Interests:
Radio & Electronics, Theology
Straight, Asexual
Favourite diaper:
Pinned cloth with plastic panties
Personal Space:
I am a little baby girl in an adult male body. Call me TG M to F, without hormones or SRS. Really and truly. I am somewhere around 90% baby and 10% adult (just enough adult to pass). My psychological core never grew out of infancy. Adult is not what I am at heart; it's what I do, what I pretend to be.

My turn-ons:
• Thick cloth diapers. They represent unassailable safety & security.
• Soft, puffy, billowy plastic panties. They represent unconditional love, affection, & acceptance.
• Baby clothes that modestly, tastefully, and demurely say, "baby girl". They represent untarnished innocence & unvarnished authenticity.
• Wetting my diapers.
• Sucking my thumb or a pacifier.
• Talking baby talk.
• Regressing to pre-verbal infancy.
• Being lovingly babied.

My turn-offs:
• Disposable diapers. They look and feel “clinical”. They leave me cold.
• The term "sissy". The word feels derogatory and disrespectful.
• Adult physical and sexual intimacy.
• BDSM & humiliation.
• Pretending that I am a grownup.

I'd like to meet:
• Other ABs who enjoy the same things I do.
• Friends and playmates.
• An online Mama who would love me & adore me as her baby girl.

I'm not "looking". I seek only friendship.

I was originally in diapers (cloth and plastic panties) until almost age five. I suspect that my mother wanted, for various reasons, to keep me a baby as long as possible. Born premature, I was always behind physically and emotionally. Also, I experienced physical and emotional trauma that caused me to stay a baby inside. I have always felt strong desires to be a baby and to be back in diapers.

My full baby name is Lauren Sarah. But you could call me Sarah! I originally joined this site a while back as BabyLaurenB ( But only recently did I remember my old username! Silly Sarah....


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