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Texas, USA
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Adult Baby
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Video games, computers, photoshop, video editing
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Rearz Safari


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Trying to find places to help my friend 13-Feb-2018
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So, I got orphaned BUT it's all going well!

by Songnar on 29-Jan-2018 at 18:10
In my last blog, ages ago, I talked about how I ended up getting adopted and by George that felt great!

Unfortunately, it made my fiancee feel really sad and that was no good; and then Mommy moved a thousand miles or so away and that was that. Sad times.

Fiancee was sad a lot 'cos she felt like she was second best; I was sad a lot 'cos I felt unwelcomed and abandoned.

Then a funny thing started to happen. Fiancee and I had a big, giant fight

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I got adopted!

by Songnar on 16-Oct-2017 at 20:17
Wow... so this open relationship thing may just have worked out in my favor after all;

Long story short, I met this super nice mommy on everyone's favorite instant-messaging service and since I was travelling in her neck of the woods I detoured a few hours and spent a few nights with her and her live-in babygirl.

We all hit it off so well!

My last day there, we agreed; she would be my mommy and I would be her baby boy, and babygirl and I would be the

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Barring cataclysmic failure - I own a house

by Songnar on 30-Mar-2017 at 20:10
Yeah! The seller accepted my offer, and mommy and I are going through the quagmire of requirements and documents to get it sealed!

Still; we should have all the promissory stuff signed today. I am beyond excited - it's so pretty; and brand new; and in a nice neighborhood; and big; and AHHHHH!

Now I'm faced with an interesting prospect. Because of our recent transition to an open relationship and this new, house-shaped windfall, I am honestly considering starting a nursery.

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Sex sex sexy sex sex... wut?

by Songnar on 28-Mar-2017 at 16:06
So, it's been while since I've updated - sorry, life happened; we're trying to buy a house! Oh, it's so pretty and I hope we get it!

My s/o whom I shall refer to as a 'mommy' because it is a fitting name has found her favorite playmate outside of our own relationship. He's roughly twice her age, but apparently can go two rounds at a single session which makes her happy and gets her even more revved up for when I come home at night. Too bad it also means she's too tired for me 'til

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Well, I gave it the ol' college try

by Songnar on 10-Mar-2017 at 19:58
Soooo in my last entry I mentioned that I had recently been thrust into an open relationship status (for sexual gratification only, mind you - I feel I should clear that part up)

Y'know what I've gone and done?

I've started meeting AB/DL's in my area and apparently 'open' is pretty common around here 'cos a lot of them are that way, too.

Someone else diapered me for the first time since I was 2 years old - it felt good.

And I learned that,

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