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  1. It was yesterday, but thanks anyway!
  2. Accepted (I was away from my computer).
  3. Send another and I'll accept it.
  4. You might check out the website: (Warning, it has auto-play music).
  5. I finally managed to send you a friend request it finally went through after sometime of fighting with the system I gave up and come back to it later to make it work and viola you now have a friend request again thanks for the help with the microwave thing. XD
  6. I have tried sending you a friend request numerous times but the site keeps having me log back in over and over and over every time I click on something and it is just frickin' ridiculous! I will keep trying though until I succeed at sending you one.
  7. Thanks for sticking up for me on the microwave even though in the end it did no good thanks for the help btw I am sending you a friend request.
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About Onesieman
Missouri, USA
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Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Babyfur
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Video games, pokemon, cards, anime
Gay, Bi
Flea Market Vendor, Janitor
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Tena Classic, ABU Little Pawz, Rearz Safari
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I'm a man in his 20's trying to make a living with 2 booths at a flea market. I have ADHD and aspbergers syndrome so it's hard for me to find a part-time job to make extra money.

Most of my alone time is spent playing video games, being an adult baby, and watching videos on YouTube.


It's Morphin' Time! Dragon Zord! Mastodon! Pterodayctl! Triceratops! Saber-Toothed Tiger! Tyrannosaurus!


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Trying new things

by Onesieman on 07-Dec-2017 at 23:27
At the start of this week, I decided to diaper train myself. I'm only on the first step: sitting on the toilet without pulling my diaper down. It feels soo good when I do that. Then, I change myself now using scented baby powder. The one I was using before was shower to shower body powder, I hardly felt anything with that brand. But with the scented powder (Johnson's baby powder), I can really feel the baby inside me.

On another note, I completed my internship with Mercy last month,

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Troubles of getting a dentist

by Onesieman on 08-Nov-2017 at 16:14
I have had a cavity in one of my back teeth for awhile, and it hasn't really bothered me until last week. I started to get a toothache on Wednesday the 2nd, then told my dad about it two days later. He gave me some pain killers so I could sleep at night and said he would find me a dentist for a low price.

We went to Aspen Dental, I get my teeth x-rayed, and the dentist says that my tooth can be saved, but you have to do it soon because it has an infection that's spreading to the

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Finally buying a switch + baby toys

by Onesieman on 30-Sep-2017 at 22:04
I am going to be spending a lot of money in October.
The first thing I'll buy is Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga for the 3DS when it comes out on the 6th. I remember having the GBA version as a kid and I played the hell out of it. I played it so much that the cartridge battery died and I had to emulate it on my tablet. I have recently seen a play through of the remake and the battle theme is just amazing (sounds better than the original).

Then on Friday the 13th, my 4th

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Another dip in the piggy bank

by Onesieman on 09-Aug-2017 at 00:47
After getting my monthly check from the flea market, I cashed it at the bank and put some money into my debit card. Then got on EBay and ordered some things. The first item was two cases of diapers, well I only meant to order one but had some phone troubles and couldn't see that the order went through, so I bought another one and when I checked my purchases and saw that I ordered the same thing twice. I tried to cancel the order but they shipped them immediately after placing my order, and I decided

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After 6 months of frustration...

by Onesieman on 25-Jul-2017 at 21:56
Ever since I failed college I tried really hard to find myself a job. After 4 months of searching, I couldn't land a part-time job. So my job coach finds me a paid internship at Mercy Hospital and I sign up for the janitor position. Originally, I was supposed to start working on July 17, but they keep pushing the date back.

I also was getting inconvenient texts from my job coach about what I had to do to get started. I was at a pool party for the new interns at the start of the month.

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