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About Premetheus

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About Premetheus
Michigan, USA
AB/DL Identity:
Diaper Lover, Diaperfur, Sissy
Non-ABDL Interests:
Video Games, Rollerblades, Furries, Running, TV, Movies, Food, Tennis, Photography, Christianity
Roofing-Office work
Favourite diaper:
Anything plain or really cool looking, I don't have an in between really.
Charismatic, Kind, Helpful, Sensitive, Weird, Calm, Cool, Collected, Emotional, Strong willed, Caring, Selfless, Social Anxiety, Intelligent, Old soul, Interesting
Personal Space:
Hello my name is Adam. I am a diaper lover, furry, and I am a Christian. I've been through quite a bit in my short time of living here on planet Earth, but I'm still here. Single, but hopeful of the future. Profile art by my Ashley, avatar by PlayAirGuitarForMe on furaffinity. I am married to Ashley now as of 4/4/17.

The way that I talk on this site wouldn't really give you an accurate indication on how I am in person. I'm an introvert but that doesn't mean I'm shy (though I have my moments). A common misconception about introversion is that they are all shy. To put it simply, not all introverts are shy and not all shy people are introverted. It used to be that I couldn't even order my own food at restaurants, but now I can strike up a conversation with a stranger. I'm one for deeper conversation but I can do small talk when the situation calls for it. I mean I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be a great philosopher, but I'm also not your average person. Then again who on here is? Diapers am I right? ;)

But I digress, I hate arguments and avoid them like the plague. Doesn't stop them from happening though. I'm an Assemblies of God Christian but don't worry if you aren't Christian. I'm not going to get in your face about it, as long as you respect that I have certain views of my own, we'll get along just fine. I don't know if this space means anything but hey if you read it all, gold star for you! Also I am not on the autism spectrum, I just have a brother who has Asperger's, hence me being in the group on here.


"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until to be thoroughly finished yields the true glory."
Sir Francis Drake, 1587


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Thinking I beat my mental illness, only made it worse, but I still have the new coping skills

by Premetheus on 1 Week Ago at 14:01
Depression, borderline personality disorder, suicidal tendencies/ideations, and social/general anxiety. All diagnosed, all unfortunate, and all still here apparently.

I thought I had made progress in curing my mental illness. I thought I was finally free until things got bad. Then they swooped in to anti-save the day. I crashed and burned, I still somehow love myself even though I hated myself for 90% of my life. My first remember-able thought was, "Why am I here?" which is

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Holiday ruiners

by Premetheus on 1 Week Ago at 13:21
Ever had someone who obviously had a bad experience with a holiday say it sucks or bring up darker origins of a holiday just because they hate it? I have and I'm sick of it. It's not as bad as mommyjacking a post, but it is pretty bad. You could call it holiday hijacking. Easter for example is a Christian, pagan, and secular holiday.

Christian: Jesus's Resurrection
Pagan: Fertility goddess and sex.
Secular: Easter Bunny and eggs.

Yet for some reason this

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The amount of most users online is about the same as my hometown's population

by Premetheus on 21-Mar-2017 at 13:44
Just thought I'd share that, it's more than that now in my hometown, but at that year it might have been close to its population. A lot of people moved here or current residents had kids so that's why it went up, as you'd expect. I just thought that was neat.

Breathing exercises

by Premetheus on 17-Mar-2017 at 17:14
Do they work? Because that's what I'm trying.

How did I not notice...

by Premetheus on 16-Mar-2017 at 13:30
I misspelled restaurant in my about me page and it's been misspelled since I joined. *facepalm*
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