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  1. Sorry about your job. It's all too bad really - I know of some smaller places, but no mainstream toy stores left.
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  5. SNES9xw.
  6. Thanks.
  7. I regret to inform you that you in fact HAVE BEEN HAD!
  8. I think you mean Gomamon's do smell.
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About ClandestineWing
Illinois, USA
AB/DL Identity:
Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Babyfur, Diaperfur
Non-ABDL Interests:
Music, Video Games, Drawing, Writing, Yu-Gi-Oh
Professional Diaper Filler
Favourite diaper:
ABU Cushies
One doesn't better his/her own life by making excuses.
Personal Space:
I am a knowledge seeker, a lover of 90s cartoons, a classically trained musician, and of course an infantilist.

Just to get this out of the way, my infantilist habits include pacifiers, diapers/slight omutsu omorashi, onesies, footed pajamas, and my bottle.

I am a classically oriented musician since birth; I grew up playing a keyboard with a song bank full of Classical tunes and scale books. I also had an NES, which borne even more timeless tunes within the games' soundtracks. It wasn't until I turned 13 that I started listening to Heavy Metal, which soon transformed my taste to Progressive Metal/Rock. Music is basically my life.


Clan, the (self-proclaimed) Gomamon Bottle Lord.


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Little Space Troubles (Light TMI)

by ClandestineWing on 26-Jan-2018 at 07:39
Just a short blogging before bed here.

Let me a recap a little bit. A few months back, I made a blog detailing a time I was in Little Space. Now usually, I am aroused while in this headspace, but there are incredibly rare times where I'm in Little Space without arousal, and the pure feeling of just being a baby and doing babyish things just because it feels right was something truly special.

Now, Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, I tried so hard to just embrace

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Told My Mom

by ClandestineWing on 02-Jan-2018 at 04:50
I'll spare you the jokes about being disowned; it went very well.

For further context, my mom doesn't live with me. And she also knows about my baby bottles, pacifiers, and footed sleepers, all of which she reacted rather positively about. So every time the thought of her finding out about my diapers crossed my mind, I always came to the conclusion that it wouldn't hurt me if she knew but it wouldn't help me either. So I refrained from telling her on grounds that it really wasn't

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A Week Without Padding

by ClandestineWing on 05-Oct-2017 at 07:22
Or at least anything thicker than a GoodNite.

I got promoted at work recently, and have had to adapt my sleep schedule just a tad. During this adjustment period, the most I would do for diapered activities would be sleeping in a Goodnite, just to have a thin layer of padding to help me sleep. I thought at first my life was just naturally pushing out diapers, so I had to use one of my days off to wear something thick, and boy I didn't realize I missed it so much. And then I became

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Updated 10-Dec-2017 at 07:37 by ClandestineWing


New Steps

by ClandestineWing on 20-Sep-2017 at 07:17
So last weekend (of the 15th), I had another ABDL friend come and visit Friday through Sunday. This is not only my first ABDL interaction IRL, but my first time meeting someone online. Leading up to the visit, I kept talking about and thinking about all the things we could do together while he was over. Then the visit actually happened, and I just got nervous and shelled up (and got burned out on driving through Chicago multiple times). We ended up pretty much just hanging out at my house.

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Surprise~ I'm A Baby (Very Light TMI)

by ClandestineWing on 12-Sep-2017 at 08:00
So a few nights ago (Saturday night), I came home from an eventful day with my desire to wear very strong. I went to bed padded, which usually provokes me to take care of a thing shortly followed by falling asleep. Instead of that, I felt a nagging need to huggle my Popplio plush, rest my mind, and settle into a peaceful sleep, and it was a very happy sleep I had.

I woke up that Sunday morning still feeling little, but I had some errands to do. I filled up a bottle and brought my

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