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Wasted time

by KryanAshford on 14-May-2018 at 08:20
Boredom.................... This is the majority of my life at this point. I'm working on saving cash to hopefully move away, but it's taking too long (At least in my opinion) I honestly don't know what I'm doing with myself. I'm here working a job I hate. The people I serve are morons and give me headache. I answer the same questions for the same people day in day out. I got an eye infection twice in two years because the staff can't handle raw chicken correctly. Since I got a lazy eye and other

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Been thinking

by KryanAshford on 10-Mar-2018 at 21:33
If I left home, went somewhere new, and got a new job I enjoy, I would be alone. My depression would come back. Honestly I think I might be doomed by my own hand. I've been working on my depression but it's always there. Lately this is all I can think about AB stuff, diapers, and the idea of someone special. This seems to be all that I want.

Complete and relaxed

by KryanAshford on 19-Feb-2018 at 17:51
My challenge was a success. While It went only slightly over what I thought I could push it to. I decided to stop and allow myself to air out, so not to get a rash or burn off this feeling of happiness.

My diaper challenge

by KryanAshford on 18-Feb-2018 at 09:08
I wanted to push my diapering limit. Usually I would only last a day if that in a diaper. Maybe 4 hours tops. As of this post I made it through 4 diapers and around 32 hours. I'm thinking of a pacifier for a reward for the challenge, now that I know of a larger guard. I'm looking at the nipples now. So far no one hasn't noticed a thing. Plus I've been feeling relaxed and calm. My stress has been lower than normal. I even feel happier than I do normally. My goal is to reach 48 hours or longer to

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Slightly annoyed

by KryanAshford on 13-Feb-2018 at 21:42
Work is so stupid.

"Kryan make this amount of something." (My boss)

60 of something or another. I make this amount.

The next day

"Kryan you made too little of that one thing"

I make exactly what I was asked and when it's too little I'm told every Fu^* time I should have made more. How am I expected to work like this.

(My boss) "I'm always right" When they are wrong. "You

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