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    That is a true way to look at things. Same personalities can be very limited but your best bet is to just keep looking. If you want exact results, your better off looking online, but it may not be exactly what you want when you desperate look so try and calm down a bit on that buddy.

    I do wish you a grand search and hopefully, things will get better soon for you. If mattew supports you, then so do I, as always.
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    That's a bad effect you have right there, looking at all the negativity rather than focusing the positive things. You're not exactly going to find one with an attitude like that. The statistic I posted is BS because I have 3 friends (online preferred) that found their loved ones ages 37,39, and 40 so I'm sure it's a lower number, it's off of my survey.

    I understand not falling for an online cub again, and long distance relationships is pretty much an anklebiter but you just got to keep looking. The perfect one is out there looking as well and eventually, the two of you will converge. Trust me, for I am a Snivy.
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    stupid post of mine messed up.
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    yeah, that does kill gas really quickly, you two have like instant msging anyway to talk to. Point i'm trying to make, don't give up. Some people find their loved ones around the age of 35-40 when they give up and look later, but I doubt that'll be you because you have potential in looking. You could also wait since you're still young. But have you considered looking for cubs over on the other website?
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    I know it's hard Oceltot, you just got to keep looking. At least your brother Mattew is there right on your side to help you out!
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    Have you been ok recently? I've seen tons of sad posts. I hope things are getting better at the moment.
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    Hey, jusy checking up on you, hoping your doing ok.
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    Mostly reports honestly
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    You sure are friends with alot of mods! o.o
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Basic Information

About Oceltot
Tulsa, Oklahoma
AB/DL Identity:
Babyfur, Little
Non-ABDL Interests:
Star Wars, Transformers, Movies, Video Game
Gay, Asexual, Unsure
Student, but I work at my dorm's front desk part time
Favourite diaper:
Molicare, Abena S4
Autobots, transform and ROLL OUT.
Personal Space:
I am an easy going person, I am quick to make friends, and am pretty funny. I attend college and am studying to be a teacher.

This DL thing started when I was 15, but I suspect it began when I was like 10. My best friend had baby brother and sister, and they kept their diapers in a bag out in the open. I would always look at them, and didn't know why, but I didn't think anything of it.

When I was 15, I saw a commercial for Pamper's Underjams, and I was intrigued. When they said you could have a free sample, I kept thinking what it felt like to use one. So that is how I became DL, which I recently accepted about myself.


Little brother to Mattew.
"Ocelot kittens are the world's cutest creature. If you don't think so you are lying to yourself." -no one said this, only an Oceltot did.


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One Year.

by Oceltot on 30-Oct-2013 at 05:38
Life is full of experiences, some good, some not so much. We all have days when we feel great, and days where we feel horrible. Of course, we all have those days that we call, "The worst day of my life." Often times, there silly things, like a pimple on picture day, or a friend told an embarrassing secret. For me, it happened one year ago today, and the event still hasn't left my mind.

I was awoken by my phone's text alert noise at about 8:30 am. I was a little mad, as I

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Distugusted and Ashamed :(

by Oceltot on 13-Oct-2013 at 21:57
A blog post, never thought I would post one. But here I go.

Now, this isn't a post like you think. I am not disgusted or ashamed about wearing diapers, or being a cub. I love diapers and I enjoy being a cub and all that comes with it. The part that disgusts me is my own body. Every time I think of padding or put on padding,... "mr happy" wakes. And I hate it that diapers does it to me. I always have. That is why I had a hard time accepting I liked diapers because I hated

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