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    Ok, thank you for the information. Now I know and knowing is half the battle.
  2. Two things: number one, I'm a girl. I'm trans, but I'm a girl. Number two: shemale is a slur usually used for porn stars. You should probably be aware of that :P
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    So, you're a shemale? Just a bit curious because I am confused.
  4. Bi is under "orientation", meaning "who I'm attracted to". I'm a girl :P
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    Honestly, I think seelkadoom has a point, are you a boy or a girl. I don't want to accidentally call you the wrong gender like I do with another individual.
  6. heey are you a boy or gurl. it says bi meaning you can be both
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    Hey there great diaper reviews! Also that's cool that you're a twitch streamer. What's your channel? I might watch sometime!
  8. Hey, KatelynG... I don't know if you just recently made TC, or I just now noticed... Congratulations all the same! -Marka
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    I would like to say you have a good story about jason and cassie (I have been reading and laughed a few times) going on and nice having you around ADISC helping others with their problems. I hope you continue to help others and ignore any obstacles in your path.
  10. Would you perhaps like to be friends? I really like your diaper reviews heh.
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About KatelynG
Washington, USA
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Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little, Carer
Non-ABDL Interests:, swimming,
Bi, Asexual
Twitch Streamer
Favourite diaper:
MoliCare Soft Super


I try to review diapers and any ABDL products I get my hands on. Check out my blog for random thoughts as well as non-ADISC-format reviews! If you like my reviews/posts, feel free to help me make more (link goes to an Amazon wishlist of ABDL stuff)!


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Recent Entries

Biking in Bellissimos

by KatelynG on 06-Dec-2014 at 06:25
Today I took one of my roommate's Bellissimos (with permission) for the first ever Girls' Movie Night! It started at 2:30pm, so obviously by the time it was done, the diaper could handle a ton more still - Bellissimos are ridiculously absorbent. My roommate and I decided that we'd mess around with coupon codes and grab some pizza, but unfortunately the coupons necessitated going down to the restaurant to pick up the pizza. My roommate was unwilling to go and we don't have a car, so I ended up having

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Diaper Review: Well Beginnings Girls' Training Pants (My Little Pony Pull-Ups!)

by KatelynG on 01-Dec-2014 at 21:03
Well Beginnings is the Walgreens generic brand of diapers, training pants, and other baby supplies. These are the girls' training pants and are My Little Pony-themed.

This is the review of the 4T-5T size. These are also available in 2T-3T size and 3T-4T size, each with unique prints.

Appearance, Size, and Features

The Well Beginnings Girls' Training Pants are primarily white but are decorated from front to back with various Generation 4 My Little Pony characters.

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Diaper Review

Diaper Review: Well Beginnings Diapers (Size 6)

by KatelynG on 01-Dec-2014 at 21:02
Well Beginnings is Walgreens's generic brand of baby supplies. These are the diaper part of that line.

This is a review of size 6, purchased in November 2014. Well Beginnings Diapers are also available in sizes 1-5 (standard sizing). No absorbancy info is provided.

Appearance, Size, and Features

Well Beginnings Diapers are white with green patterns, blue size numbers, and zebra-themed designs. There is no wetness indicator. There are elastics in the back of

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Diaper Review

Diaper Review: Luvs Size 6 (ADISC-style but not allowed as an article)

by KatelynG on 20-Nov-2014 at 18:42
Thought I might as well post this as a blog for the sake of archival.

Luvs diapers are the budget line of diapers produced by Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Pampers. They feature the same style of stretchy sides that Pampers are well-known for throughout the AB/DL community. They are currently marketed as having "Night-Lock", described as a larger absorbent area.

This is a review of size 6, purchased in October 2014. Luvs are also available in Newborn

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Daycare Act 1 Discussionn

by KatelynG on 15-Nov-2014 at 15:42
Figured I'd make this post for anyone wanting to talk about the interactive story I'm writing outside of entering commands. I'm attempting to keep the comments section only for commands and posts, but it's not a huge deal if discussion also happens there.

Anyone unsure about what I'm talking about, look here!

Anyways, Daycare, Act 1! At the time of this initial posting, our heroine Cassie has just entered the sinister daycare. What happens next? You guys get to decide

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