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  1. OK. Thanks!
  2. ABUniverse's first big hit product was their Space diaper. Since then they have introduced three other products that were just different "shell art" for the same physical model of diaper as the Space. Those were the Little Paws (with a babyfur theme, those are still a big hit), Sissy (which of course had a pink / sissy theme, didn't sell well, not currently offered) and the most recent addition is the Simple. (all white except for a small lightweight black-and-white ABUniverse logo) The Simples were introduced about the same time as they opened their "Sticker Store", selling a mix of littlefur / babyfur by two different contracted artists. You could buy the Simples and then apply any sticker you wanted to the tape panel, they're wide and colorful. It's a lot cheaper for everyone involved for them to stock one model of diaper and 20 different kinds of stickers than 20 different models of diaper.

    I personally prefer just straight up all-white diapers myself.
  3. You list one of your fav diapers as Spimple? Is that a brand?
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    Forgot to even write back

    Pretty good. About to shower xP
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    Hey man how the hell you been?
  6. Have a nice day, Bambinod!
    Get diapered this today.
  7. It is a pic I got in an email from centar forge which is a blacksmith and farrier supply company
    I do not have pic without writing on it
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    Indeed it is. It's the first fursona picture I ever commissioned and I really like how it turned out.
  9. "heh, I'm reminded of a joke from long ago. "Erotic: using a feather. Exotic: using the whole chicken." (o_O)"
  10. Awww. Thanks for your edits ^^ I have no program to edit pictures (paint sucks, takes a long time )
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"diaper therapy" for a morbidly shy bladder

by bambinod on 25-Aug-2017 at 12:50
One of my "justifications" for wearing diapers is to overcome my shy bladder, which I've talked about several times here. It's entirely a mental thing, but is basically a "peeing in public or in a situation you're not comfortable with". And wetting a diaper in public is one way of forcing your body to get used to those things. When I first started wearing a diaper, I had a really hard time wetting it under any conditions even at home alone, in any position. But as time went

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staying diapered while on vacation

by bambinod on 23-Feb-2017 at 13:09
Last time I traveled with diapers was a 5 day vacation. I packed a second suitcase just for diapers. Count your days and pack what you need, and add a few extra. I was going to be there for 5 days / 4 nights, so I packed 4 safari and a space for nights, plus 6x2 preschool for daytime wear. I also packed a construction drum liner, air freshener, talc, lotion, and a roll of duct tape, as well as a box of 1gal ziplocs. (you may want to pick something special for your return trip home too, I ended up

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Taping Mediums part 4 - surveying our work!

by bambinod on 01-May-2012 at 07:51
Time to see what we've got.

back looks good, that's where we were having problems earlier.

It's not drum-tight, but it will tighten a bit when I lay down.

I don't think the crotch is going to leak either. look at how well the cuffs are held in.

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Updated 26-Aug-2013 at 01:10 by bambinod

Helpful hints , taping strategies

Taping Mediums part 3C - tape 3 going down!

by bambinod on 01-May-2012 at 07:36
1. the elastic goes up this far.

2. pull UP on the diaper's front, stretching the front elastic.

3. here's probably where that tape is going to reach to.

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Updated 25-Aug-2013 at 23:20 by bambinod

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