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Told my family

by Clover on 20-Mar-2017 at 10:11
...well, if you count posting about it on Facebook as "telling".

Just couldn't hold it in any longer. All I had to do was tell the truth, and so far, so good.

It's really interesting to me, most of my family (both immediate family and extended family) are quite conservative so I thought I was taking a huge risk by saying that I'm a little, and then explaining to the best of my ability just what a little is.

I told them exactly what I enjoy when

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Identity stuff

by Clover on 07-Apr-2015 at 00:20
Apologies if this ends up being super-long but I need to say it.

I am transgender. I am female. But I no longer feel comfortable using gendered pronouns for myself. As far as that goes, I am fine with they/their/them or any other established gender-neutral pronouns out there.

Also, I am an otherkin. I have two different animal kintypes, vulpine and feline. I have combined the two to create my own personal kintype, vel. Also I am a dragonkin and fae, which refers to

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My platonic family gets bigger~

by Clover on 01-Mar-2015 at 05:38
So right.

I have a good friend on twitter who is also a little, and I've gotten to know her really well over the last few months, and well. I love her, like a little sister. And she told me she is fine with this

My relationship is getting deeper

by Clover on 11-Feb-2015 at 04:55
Simply put, my gf/Mommy has agreed that not only will she be my Mommy... but starting now, she is also my Owner and I'm her pet.

The reality of it is, I am a far more submissive person than I was letting on before... I was just too afraid to discuss anything at all... but I've gotten a lot more comfortable with myself over the last few days or so, thanks to some help I've had (and they know who they are).

I'm really excited for the future!


by Clover on 16-Jan-2015 at 02:34
I may end up having to be a switch...

My gf/Mommy hasn't said for sure yet, but she's told me she could possibly see herself as a little also...

so if that ends up being the case... we'll have to end up taking turns being the Mommy and the little.
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