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Thread: Dreams about urinating/peeing and wetting the bed.

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    Just had something like this happen to me last Saturday.
    First time too.
    Sucked a whole bunch that I was sleeping on the couch that night x.x

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    Diaper Lover


    I've had a dream like that several times.. Usually, in the dream, it's quite relaxing and feels wonderful.. but usually, I tend to start realizing that I am in a dream and wake up before ever actually peeing. Part of me hopes I actually do pee at some point.. but another realizes that it would certainly be akward and difficult to clean (sleep with wifey and without bedding protection)

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    I am a bed wetter, yet cannot recall ever having a dream about wetting. There is a hint of irony there if I was to look close enough hehe

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    I have that dream a few times a month. Normally those are my dry nights as it wakes me up. I usually wet the bed so when it does wake me I just let go and go back to sleep.

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    I have had those dreams before, though I never wake up wet...I do however wake up and rush to the bathroom...sometimes I don't make it.

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    Without a doubt I've never gone one time in a dream without seeing a diaper in it. Kinda annoying and not the best feeling because I legitimately even wet the bed at least once from it. I doubt anyone would understand how bizarre my dreams are. :P

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    One of my reoccurring dreams anout wetting is I am at school and have to go pee. When I leave to go to the boy's room I can hardly walk and keep falling down. I try holding it but finally I can't and pee in my pants. Then I wake up and most of the time I am wet.

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    Lee Iero


    It used to happen to me a lot when i was like 11.after that,it happened a few times, and them for the first time this year I wet myself when dreaming about urinating,last night. Cute christmas gift.
    In the dream, I needed to go pee really bad,and there were many bathroom doors,all locked,and so i wet my pants.
    woke up with a huge smile and a warm diaper.

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