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  • Diapered Koopas

    Fan of Bowser's Army? Are you a Koopa at heart as well as into diapers? Or even if your into the Mario universe it's fine feel free to join.

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 18-Aug-2015 05:38

    4 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Why did you join?
  • ADISC Host Club

    This is a club for Ouran High School Host Club fans and it's ran by a group of seven people:

    Tamaki-senpai:The president of the Host club commenly known as King.

    Kyouya-Senpai:The vice president also known as Shadow King.

    Hikaru and Kaoru:Known within the club as the childeren of Tamaki and Kyouya.

    Mitsukuni:Known within the club as Honey-senpai.

    Takashi:Known within the club as Mori-senpai, cussin of Honey-senpai.

    Haruhi:Born into a poor family and raised by her cross-dressing father. When she if first seen she looks like a boy and then the host club members decide that she could prove usful in the club and is made a host.

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 28-Nov-2016 01:52

    14 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    ADISC Host Club
  • Girls' Movie Night!

    This group is for the girls of ADISC to come and have fun watching girly TV shows and movies together! This will be weekly and hosted via Skype. You are welcome if your little side likes girly things and you'll be nice to everyone else!

    You're welcome to come if you've been semi-active on ADISC or ADISC IRC (text chat). Members whose girly side is entirely humiliation- or punishment-based might be disallowed, but other than that, our definition of "girl" is pretty loose. Even boys are allowed to join as long as they are fine being girly for the night!

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 21-Dec-2016 14:01

    16 member(s)
  • And then there's the rest of us....

    The geeks, the freaks, the goths, the emos, the punks, the crazy mutherfuckers, the one mumbling in the corner, all of us are what we are. Revel in your difference, make it your own! Contrary to popular belief, fat chicks are allowed.

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 3 Weeks Ago 07:02

    41 member(s)
  • Bedwetters of ADISC

    This group is for anyone who wets the bed for any reason. Share stories, tips, experiences, etc.

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago 20:39

    245 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Diaper of choice
  • Thumb Suckers United!

    If you suck your thumb or like thumb sucking come on in! ^^

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 3 Weeks Ago 06:47

    79 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Thumb Suckers United!
  • ADISC Cheerleaders group

    for people who likes to greet other people in a soecial way

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 25-Jan-2016 23:14

    6 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Quick Question.
  • *~ Baby Product Collectors/Shopoholics! ~*

    For all who simply cant seem to get enough of getting new pacis, bottles, bibs, toys, plushies, you name it!

    Whether your dream shopping spree is at Babies R Us or the dollar store you can share your growing stash of items that fill you up with happiness and awaken the child inside!.

    Show off your stash, post pictures

    Tell us your favorite items, vintage items, new items.

    Have fun!, follow ADISC rules and regulations! Be polite, and be a kid! ^_^

    ***To see my collection, check out my albums on my profile***

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 1 Week Ago 07:43

    48 member(s)
  • The 24/7 Group

    A group for those who wear, and optionally use, their diapers 24/7 by choice or by necessity. Or for those who want to :)

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 4 Days Ago 15:02

    272 member(s)
  • Lion King fanatics

    Love the Lion King? We do. For Lion King fanatics only! For those who truly love the story, characters, etc.

    Mufasa, Scar (Taka), Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Zira, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa... Take your pick :).

    Category: AB/DL
    Last Activity: 30-Oct-2016 22:01

    71 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    New Lion King Spin-off

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