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A wolf in the streets but a cub in the sheets

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I try my hardest to seem manly while i'm not at home, for example, whenever one of my girlfriends find out i'm ab/dl they don't leave me, they just never expected that i would like diapers, or be submissive, because i just don't come off as a submissive ab/dl, but once they find out they always take advantage and i'll admit, i love it! they take control and bite my neck witch makes me whimper, then lick my earlobe and i'm defeated, i just melt into my lovers arms and i'm theirs, even though this makes me mad, mad that i gave up so easily, i also love, it feels soooooo good, omg and when you add light hair pulling it kills lolol, but does anybody else have this problem, that isn't a problem at all?


  1. kerry's Avatar
    I cannot relate to this, dljonah20, and I'll leave the answering to others, but I do feel the need to let you--as a newbie--know that it does sort of violate etiquette to post a continuous stream of very short blog entries within a few hours. You'd be much better off starting threads with some of these thoughts anyway; you're more likely to receive a variety of responses, as more people visit the forums than the blogs. But the problem with multiple blogposts is that the front page blog list contains only the ten most recent blogs. A barrage of posts like this pushes member's posts off the list before other members have had a chance to see and respond to them. Take a look: right now you are taking up half of the available slots.

    I am sure this is unintended, but it is a consequence of what you're doing. Post in the forums; that is why they exist. :-)

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