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The diaper decision

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Living in a small town (Vero beach) even with access to internet, i don't have the diapers i want (thick, crinkly, super absorbent) but the only places i buy anything near what i want is either, the Perkins med supply store, which is kinda pricey, but i feel they are less judgmental considering they deal with tons of different medical whatnot's, but like i said pricey, so where i also go is my local Kmart, which is REALLY fun, reasons being are 1. tons of people, some that may even know me, in fact i recently bought a pack of Prevail pull-up briefs, not near what i want, but the crotch swells really nicely, so i get over it, but when i was picking up the pack, i noticed a pack of Depends, with two tabs on each side, i really wanted them, but i decided on the Prevails, but as i had both packs in my hands, this kinda tomboyish girl walks around the corner of the isle and gives me a look of "really? you're a total diaper boy" and i was totally embarrassed, but needless to say, when i go back in a week or two, i plan on buying a nice big pack of Depends max protection, with the six tabs, plastic backed, i love them!!! they crinkle pretty good, i can wet multiple times and they work good for night wetting (laying on my sides, back and tummy) i can buy the Depends max at Perkins med. or Kmart, but Kmart have better prices, but i really wish i could some help with finding nicer diapers, either around a bigger city in Florida, or maybe an adult shop, would they carry anything like that? we have a place called the lions den, it's pretty much the home depot or sex toys etc. etc. so i would think they would have a fetish section, no? so i hope i get a bunch of feed back on this, i need me some amazing diapers <3

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