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The test...

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I'm really quite new to this.. And consider myself to be an "adult toddler", if that's allowed, lol. Being able to simply regress to a time that I feel like I got shortchanged on. As my introduction explained, I bought my first pack of baby diapers 2 nights ago... After all I had read, I decided I might have success with pampers baby dry. Just to clear things up, yes.. I'm choosing baby diapers. And yes, i do want that little girl look and not all the bulk, and conveniently purchased at my nearby walmart. As far as the fit... Well... Marginal. I have a 29" waist, but that's irrelevant because they aren't tall enough for the sides to ride above my hips. The size 6 sides are stretched to their limit, and the tabs sometimes let loose, sometimes it tears the front instead. But most of the time, they stay put. Being honest, I would say baby dry 6's should be for a waist no bigger than 26". As far as comfort, absorbency, and leakage, they're incredible. Last night at 2 am I peed full on, and was still dry everywhere when I woke at 6. I changed it at 7am, had another full on peeing at 8:30, and another very big wetting at 10:45... And despite it being drenched to capacity and weighing about 10 pounds, it's barely leaking. I'm really happy about what I've experienced.. And feel so liberated in my pigtails and pink fuzzy jammies, a binky in my mouth, and being able to just let the pee out like when I was 2. I just feel... Little... And happy.
I really need to get myself a baby bottle and some apple juice today. Just wish I could ride in the cart seat and have my mommy buy it for me. :-/

After these run out, I will be trying other brands of baby diapers to see if they have more side/tab strength, but after putting the pampers up to the absorbancy test, I don't think I'll ever compromise on that. I usually pee about 6 times a day, but on some days, especially from 2am till noon, the amount of pee can be A LOT.
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