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At work

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ive been thinking about doing this for the longest time! Today I finally gathered the courage to wear a diaper to work! It was awesome, although I thought that 2 depends with tabs would do for the day, wrong! I work as an electrician and the floor I was working on luckily had the sanitary pads dispenser unlocked and fully stocked in the women's bathroom so I took 2 to serve as booster pads "also didint work, as I leak a bit on the train home". But yes, it felt so good and secure to be diapered that long, after today is over I will have spent more time diapered than not. The only other time I had done something close to this was to wear a diaper to school in the 7th grade, and I couldn't go through with it for fear of being discovered. I think I only made it to 3rd period and went to the bathroom and took the diaper off "Luvs size 6" and threw it in the corner of the stall. I wonder what kids must have said when one of them finally saw it just laying there. Anyways back to the point wanted to know how any of you wore to work for the first time recently and then continued to do so from then on, did anyone find out, how did it go during the summer, was it manual labor, ect, ect

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