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For the Love of a Teddy Bear

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The connection between a Daddy and BabyGirl is unique in that it bonds their hearts and their emotions in a dynamic where they don’t just love each other, but they love because of each other.

The connection can produce strong emotions that can be seen through the sentiments displayed by the actions of a BabyGirl. In other words: she shows the love she is feeling inside. And one of the clearest examples of this is the joy of expressing that love to one of The Big 3 … her teddy bear. The Big 3 being her pacifier, her blanket and her teddy bear.

A BabyGirl’s teddy bear is very lucky in that it is always a part of her days and her nights. As a constant companion or as the first thing she goes for when she gets home, her teddy is shown an affection which bubbles out of her. And it is this ever-consuming emotion which displays how little a girl feels and how deeply the BabyGirl inside has been touched.

Now, when I say “teddy bear”, what I’m making reference to is any stuffed animal she carries with her, cherishes and calls her own. “For Love of a Stuffed Animal” had a charming ring to it, but I thought “For Love of a Teddy Bear” drove the point home a little more directly.

But regardless of what the animal is, her face lights up when she picks it up, hugs it, feels its softness on her skin and is reminded that she is a BabyGirl because only someone with the Love of Little in her heart could want to share that love as much as she needed to. And having a Teddy Bear with her, at all times little, makes it easy to share what’s in her heart.

And simply stated:
Where BabyGirl goes, there Teddy goes, too.

And Teddy becomes an outward extension of her personality similar to her pacifier, her blanket, her diaper, her nightie, her onesie, her bottle, her sippy cup, her toys, her coloring books, her crib and her high chair. But the difference is: A Teddy Bear is more than just an object. It’s a state of mind.

Teddy goes along to her diaper changes. In fact, she may even insist that Teddy is there.

A diaper change is a very bonding moment between a Daddy and a BabyGirl, and it is a bond which renews its strength every time her bottom goes wet.

And it’s within these diaper changes when she needs to be made to feel comfortable with being little that a Teddy Bear by her side is able to return the love to her that she has shown to it, much in the same way that her Daddy does.

Like her Daddy, Teddy is the perfect compliment to the littleness of her heart, of her mind, of her life and of her world, no matter what time of day or night.

Teddy is also taken along for naps and tucked in right along side a BabyGirl because when you’re little and you have been made to feel a love which you immediately show to another, you will eventually need to recharge your heart. After all, a BabyGirl is many things strong, but she’s still a Baby. And that’s a lot of deep emotion passing through her. The same goes for her teddy bear.

But, oh there so much more that she has to share … For Love of a Teddy Bear.

Her Teddy Bear will follow her to the playpen or just to play time. It’s the honor and duty of any constant companion to not only be there for her, but for her to want that Teddy Bear to be there.

Maybe that’s because a teddy bear doesn’t argue with a BabyGirl. It simply does what she wants it to. And for as much as submission is very much at the core innocence of a BabyGirl’s Heart, there are points in time when she needs to call the shots. And her Teddy Bear is always willing to listen.

The Teddy Bear will sit through the same episodes of a BabyGirl’s favorite cartoon, again and again and again. And it is because the Teddy is willing to do this that she needs him to watch those cartoons with her again – because her Teddy understands why those cartoons are so important to her.

A Teddy Bear truly understands why a BabyGirl is how she is.

Maybe it’s not for a Daddy to know the depths of for certain, just to see it’s there.

But when a BabyGirl is so filled with affection that the love she has received and is feeling inside comes bubbling back out of her, the littleness in her heart makes her want to share that love just as much as she needs to.

And having a Teddy Bear with her, at all times little, makes it easy to express just how she has been made to feel.

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