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No Pants, The Love of Little and The Love of Love

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There is something about the sight of a BabyGirl in a diaper with no pants. For as obvious as it would be to say that it just seems right for her to be without pants, there is also the thought that a lack of pants might well guide her heart and her mind into a “little” state. And that thought is endearing to me. Little subtle reminders from her legs being bare and her bottom being diapered.

It also gives you quick access to her skin and there are a plethora of reactions she could give when you trace your fingertips along the lines of her bare legs.

In my past, I recall making the statement that “everything will get better for you if you just take off your pants when you get upset or worried. Try it and you’ll see how cheery you become inside.”

Cheeriness is a commodity we sometimes overlook. It will make you smile even when frustrated. I’m not saying that a BabyGirl who takes her pants off and runs around in just a diaper is going to be able to Heal the World, but I’m also not doubting that possibility.

If you’ve never had the joy of having a BabyGirl to call your own, to love and to care for, then believe me when I tell you that a girl with the love of little and therefore the love of love in her heart is capable of moving a mountain with the breath of a kiss, brightening a room with a simple smile from behind her pacifier, changing any mood with a well-timed giggle, creating friendship with a playful wave of her hand, healing a heart’s scar tissue with the kind of hug only a little girl knows how to give and accomplishing all of these things with the magic touch of her little fingertips while still making it back in time for her afternoon nap.

“All Betters!” as she might say.

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