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The 5 Points of Connection

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The 1st Point of Connection
“Hold my Hand”

Fingers interlocking, palms touching, arms stretched out as you walk along the wooded path, arms held tightly together for a closer, more intimate walk. In the mall, at the grocery store, at home on the couch, at the movies, in the park, at the party, at the toy store and wherever else you hold hands, you are sharing a point of contact where a connection is felt.

The holding of hands is a way of communicating to everyone around (as well as to the two of you) about a sentiment that is shared, a commitment that is made and an emotion which is mutual. For a Daddy and BabyGirl, hand holding can share so many feelings between them and convey so many messages to her.

Merely having her hand held inside his can show possession of her and that he is keeping track of where she is. This can produce those little feelings inside which she adores and craves, almost as if she would state (if she were feeling brave):

“This is my Daddy and I am his BabyGirl and we want everyone to know we are together because he loves me and I love him. And what we have is more important than anything else – each other, our hearts and our lives.”

But hand holding needn’t always be so serious.

For example, the squeezing game when he squeezes her hand and she squeezes back and they keep sending the pulse back and forth.

Or the times when a little impromptu dancing is called for, whether walking on the beach, or walking through the woods, or just simply when the mood strikes – wherever they are.

And of course, the only proper way for a BabyGirl to dance with her Daddy is to be standing on his toes and to be holding his hands.

And all of these connections, all of these experiences and instant memories await their beginning at your fingertips when he says:

“BabyGirl, hold my hand.”

The 2nd Point of Connection
The Sentiment of a Kiss

Whether softly or aggressively and no matter where it’s placed, a kiss will share an emotion in an instant. It speaks without saying a word and can send heart beats to a galloping pace. Between a Daddy and a BabyGirl, a kiss will encompass the senses and the mind.

She closes her eyes as his lips touch her forehead – a sentiment of love that greets her many times throughout the day. And it speaks to her differently each time, saying: “Good Morning”, “Good Night”, “Have a good nap”, “Sleep Well”, “I love you”, “I need you”, “I want you”.

It tells her that she truly is cherished, loved and adored for how precious she is and who she is and what she means to him.

But there are other kinds of kisses: on the top of the head during a hug, on the tip of her nose as she sits in the tub – (that wasn’t meant to rhyme. ) But no matter where she feels it on her body, she always feels it in her heart – for every kiss tells her she has been a good girl.

And then there’s the kiss where one set of lips meets another. And for a Daddy and BabyGirl, this kiss pulls something from every corner of the every emotion, bringing it to the surface.

Breathing deepens as they wrap their arms around each other, heart beats begin to race faster still, passion increases, and the want – need – desire – longing and ache of every outcome is felt.

A pair of lips, placed at the right moment will connect two people together in ways so numerous that their entire selves are affected. And it all begins when she closes her eyes and feels his lips with The Sentiment of a Kiss.

The 3rd Point of Connection
In These Arms

When arms are opened to you, a heart is opened to you. And the power of a hug can take any situation and make it better. It can take any difficulty and simplify it. It can take the good and make it great. It’s a connection that, just like the holding of hands and the sentiment of a kiss, can bond two people together, speaking of affection without saying a word.

Whether it’s the first action of greeting after having been apart or the last thing you do before saying goodbye, it’s a moment when you share a piece of your soul. Whether it’s done at random moments for random reasons or whether it’s done to help you through your emotions, your tears. Whether it’s done to say “Thank You” or “I Love You” or “I’m Here for You”, a hug is the perfect mixture of connection from contact and emotion.

For a Daddy and a BabyGirl, an embrace that wraps their bodies together envelopes what they mean to each other as much as his arms do around her frame.

And within his space, she feels a protection, both physical and psychological that will enable her to place her head on his chest and close her eyes, feeling the warmth from his body, listening to the rhythmic beating of his heart and taking in his scent.

Even thought the evils of the world may be right behind her, she is unafraid because those things behind her are in her past. That’s why she faces away from them. All that matters is what is in front of her and what loves her and what protects her.

Whether it’s a slow hug, rocking back and forth or whether it’s an excited hug as she wraps her arms around his neck like a little girl, there is a safety and security expressed, felt and realized in a hug. It is that hug and being as close to him as possible that makes it a point of connection … “In these arms”.
The 4th Point of Connection
The Power of Being Cradle

She lies there, resting her frame peacefully inside the human cradle of his arms and his lap. She looks up at him. He gazes down at her. Their eye contact is unbroken, and the connection between them grows. He traces her eyebrows with his fingertips, taps the tip of her nose and her chin. Her body continues to relax as her mind is occupied by the attention she is receiving. He brushes the hair off her forehead and pats her bottom, but we’ll get into the “patting” a bit later. This connection is about the power of being cradled.

Silent Communication, once again, speaks to both of them. But for the BabyGirl, her position is also affecting her thoughts. From head to toe, she is encompassed by a sense of being controlled which is nurturing. The very position of her body is telling her to submit and she allows this transformation of power to take place with no dispute.

Surrounded by her Daddy and placed where he wants her to be, her attention is directed where he wants it to go … up to him. She remains there, in that submissive position for as long as he wants her to be there and she couldn’t be happier. It is that helpless feeling which makes her feel little.

Her feet are off the ground. Her legs aren’t being used. And when this happens, her mind undergoes a pleasant change. And with the establishment of trust, she willingly gives up control of herself. The thought of being that helpless, yet that safe is intoxicating.

Her mind is being engaged in the emotions she sees in his eyes. Without volition, she accepts any number of tasks – from a bottle feeding to a spoon feeding to a pacifier to funny face games to tickling to sleeping to napping to simply lying there in his company – all of which existing in his control and care. And this is the reason she accepts them. She too is under his control and care.

The attention – filling her mind with thoughts of acceptance, the submissive and nurturing position – softening her free will, the emotions – heightening her happiness to accept her place … all are experienced in The Power of Being Cradled.

The 5th Point of Connection
“The Pat”

“The Pat” comes in many forms, for a plethora of different reasons. But each shares one thing in common: Its ability to alter her mindset, mood and disposition in an instant. This is another connection which has the ability to bond two souls together. It isn’t verbal, but, like the others, communicates so much where words fail.

Patting her bottom may well be most commonly used to tell her she has been a “Good Girl”. A Daddy doesn’t have to say those words for her to hear them in her head. And for a BabyGirl, when her bottom is patted, her diaper is patted as well. This is the stuff which not only makes her feel little, but reminds her how little she is.

But a pat can come in a swifter, more direct form. It corrects her behavior and though her bottom is diapered to prevent the sting, what it does to her mind has a lasting effect. She feels little, but in a way which makes her think twice about her actions. It is sudden and exacting. And her mind processes the information in the same fashion.

The pat can also tell her to hurry up and stop lollygagging. It can bring her comfort, knowing he is right behind her. It can bring her reassurance, knowing that though she isn’t in his arms or holding his hand or in the midst of a passionate kiss or enveloped in his cradling lap – he still loves her and it serves as yet another way to tell her what she means to him and the importance she has in his life.

The pat can have a more practical purpose than just the expression of sentiments and emotions. It can be done to check her diaper – yet another way to make her feel little and to re-enforce just how little she will always be in his heart and his soul, perhaps even more intense in its arrival when in public.

There are many ways to communicate a connection other than the five points discussed in this posting.

Someone can:
- Say how they feel, whether over the phone or in person
- Write how they feel, whether on paper or in an email or in a text message
- Show how they feel, whether through physical actions or the things they do.

And the most affected of individuals will:

- Hear what you say
- Read into what you write
- Appreciate what you do for them
A connection only exists when both sides of the bond react to each other. There is always an action and a reaction to moments in time when the affected notes this, eagerly awaiting “The Pat”.

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