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That "White-Hot" Attention

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This is another phrase I love to use to describe the intensity of the attention an ABDL Girl receives.

When a flame burns hot enough, it’s orangish color will disappear, leaving a white flame. This is indicative of a temperature which is much hotter than normal and more intense all around.

Recently, I was asked what the attraction is for a female in “The Daddy’s Girl Fetish”. The best way I can summarize it is to say that she receives a kind of “white-hot” attention that she normally would not receive in a relationship from … the vanilla realm. LOL

To put more detail to it, imagine the kind of attention that a little girl receives. Everybody thinks she is adorable. Everybody wants to give her a hug. Everybody wants to see her smile and be happy and care-free. She is taken care of and protected, for her sweetness and her innocence and for how wonderful she is. She feels loved. She feels important and special in everyone’s eyes.

For an adult female, attention still exists and sometimes you can’t get away from the attention. But it’s a different kind of attention. Now, people want to get to know her for specific reasons or people want something from her. She has responsibilities and often times finds herself struggling to maintain an identity which remained so firmly in her youth.

For an adult female, imagine still being an adult but receiving the kind of attention she received when she was a little girl, back when everybody adored her just for being who she was.

The Daddy/BabyGirl dynamic reacquaints her with the feelings of being a little girl while within the ageplay setting of ABDL. Her adult side and her little side are cared for and nurtured.

That “white-hot” attention.

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